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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who is Gossip Girl?

With Gossip Girl coming to an end next week and the impending revelation of GGs identity, I figured now would be a good time for me to weigh in with my thoughts. Before I weigh in, I want to mention a couple of assumptions I am making:

[1] GG is a major character who has been around since Season 1.
- I assume this because I can't see them bringing in a new character to just be GG and I can't see it being a character who came in late.
[2] GG could be a girl or a guy.
- Let's face it, seeing as no one has seen GG, GG could easily be a guy masquerading as a girl online.
[3] GG is not one of the parents.
- Honestly, I just can't see the parents being involved enough to be GG. I could be wrong, I think this one is the shakiest assumption.

Ok, now onto the characters in no particular order:

[1] Serena- I doubt that she is mainly because she has been the target of many hurtful e-mail blasts by GG. Could she have done this to throw everyone off her case? Yes, but I seriously doubt it.
[2] Blair- Again doubtful. While Blair and GG both like gossiping and tearing people down, I don't think Blair is GG. It just seems wrong somehow.
[3] Jenny- Possible, but again doubtful. She has been gone for so long that I don't see it.
[4] Vanessa- A snowball's chance in hell. Granted, she became pretty bad in her final year in New York, but she is the unlikeliest possibility here.
[5] Georgina- Very possible. Seeing as she was already revealed as GG (supposedly 2.0), it would not be a stretch. Not to mention she and GG are so much alike it is not funny. But given how obvious she is, it is entirely possible that she is not GG.
[6] Dan- Very possible. Dan has shown that he is eminently capable to writing truthful and hurtful things about people, so I could really see him as GG. I would say that he is the most likely possibility after Georgina.
[7] Nate- Possible. I don't see this because of his investigation, but it is again possible that his investigation is meant to throw us off of the trail.
[8] Chuck- Highly unlikely. Chuck is a little to self-obsessed to pay as much attention to other people as Gossip Girl does.
[9] Dorota- Possible. This would be the most amusing possibility. As a maid to Blair, Dorota would be ideally suited to spy on the kids. I sort of doubt it, but would be very, very amused if she is.

On Monday, we'll see how right I am....