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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.10- Burned

Oliver has to recover that which was lost, Tommy and Thea show a new side to themselves, Detective Lance shows how cold he can be, and Laurel helps out a friend....
Oliver took a massive blow to his confidence as a result of the fight with the Dark Archer last time we saw him. He realized that he had alot to lose and he does not know how to deal with it. So he more or less shut down as he avoided dealing with the issue. I appreciate that he wanted to help take care of his family, but I am annoyed that he used that as an excuse to give up being the Arrow; even if only temporarily. I also have to say that I am glad that Laurel and Diggle managed to snap him out of his funk. It was also nice to see that woman on the news defending the Arrow. I think that helped to show Oliver that he had been making a difference and that he could continue to do so if he took up the hood again.
I was definitely impressed with Thea. She has shown that she is not as shallow as she comes off in the past, but what she did here was by far the most impressive thing she has done so far. I will grant that it was, of course, tainted by self-interest, after all if Moira didn't get it together Thea would have to grow up even faster than she already has. However, I do also think it was also a tough love type thing and it is exactly what Moira needed. Both Oliver and the COO were being too deferential. What Moira needed (as did Oliver) was a swift kick in the ass, and that is what Thea gave her.
Tommy also impressed me. He initiated a talk with Laurel about getting a drawer in her apartment, meaning that it was getting serious. He also suggested and planned a benefit in their club and kicked some contractor ass to get things done. Very, very impressive. I was incredibily happy to see that he is maturing and growing up. Hope it continues.
Laurel is, frankly, a little annoying. She, at one point, wanted nothing to do with the Arrow because he was a murderer, but now that she needs help, she is calling him up to get it. Not fond of the hypocrisy implicit in that. I will grant that maybe she has had more time to consider everything and changed her mind, but still. She needs to either trust him or not. I think she is leaning to the former. She just needs to be careful with her dad who is next on my rant list.
Using his daughter unwittingly as part of a scheme to catch the Arrow is so incredibily low. I understand that Detective Lance wants the Arrow badly, but to betray and lie to his daughter that way is just awful. I will grant that she lied to him about having the phone, but she didn't betray him the way he is betraying her. If he asked her, then I would be fine, but the fact that he is using her in such a surreptitious and deceitful manner is completely disgusting.
Until next week!