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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.11- Trust, but Verify

Oliver and Diggle are at odds over his latest target, Thea has suspicions about Moira and Malcolm, Tommy has a falling out with Malcolm, and Thea makes a major mistake.....

Turns out that Oliver's newest target is Diggle's former CO and Diggle is not happy about it. Given the fact that the list has not been wrong yet and the similarity in tactics to what happened in Afghanistan, I was a little surprised that Diggle didn't seem to think it even warranted any investigation. I get that he feels a sense of loyalty, but to not even consider that what Oliver is saying might be true was definitely surprising. Watching him and Oliver fight was definitely cool and I was glad that he decided to investigate eventually. I did feel bad that his faith in his CO was misplaced and definitely wish that Gaynor hadn't been killed. I love Ben Browder and think he could have been a great recurring villain on the show.

We also found out a part of the reason that Oliver has trust issues. Turns out that the Chinese guy who rescued him on the island was working for the people who captured him. Not a good thing. The question: was he working for them willingly? Or did they force him to work with them somehow? Hopefully that will be answered sometime soon.

Poor Tommy. It seemed like his dad wanted to bury the past and move on, but all he wanted to do was sell a clinic that Tommy's mom opened up and (apparently) died for. Wow, that would have to suck. If it is all that Tommy has left of his mom, I am not surprised that he didn't want to get rid of it. Maybe he can run that and work at the club at the same time? That would be a very interesting arc for his character to follow. Was very happy that Laurel stood up for him and told his dad off after Tommy left. My one question: was the death of his wife what set Malcolm off on the path to become the Dark Archer and to come up with his plans for the city?

Speaking of Malcolm, Thea suspects that he and Moira are having an affair. I seriously doubt that given her obvious dislike for him. I never bought it, even with the little butt pats and what not. I suspect that Malcolm may be interested in her, but I so do not see her being interested in him. What Thea was noticing; I suspect; where their covert meetings about the plan, which is also what Moira and her husband were arguing about. I was surprised that Oliver confronted Moira so quickly about what Thea said to him. I thought he might take the chance and observe before confronting.

And Thea took drugs because of what she suspects and then got involved in a car accident. The nice thing is that it totally setup the plot for next week when Oliver goes after the drug dealer (played by Seth Gabel). That should be very interesting.

Until next week!