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Friday, January 18, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.10- After School Special

Rebekah catches up and has some fun, Jeremy learns some new information, and lots of torture happens.

Well, Rebekah was certainly pissed off.  She wakes up and almost immediately heads for revenge city.  She takes Stefan, Elena, and Caroline hostage in order to catchup on information aided by April.  While I find it hard to blame April for being upset about what happened to her, I still don't like what she did.  Her dad did something awful and everyone was trying to spare her from knowing things that would have seriously disturbed her.

Anyway, getting back to Rebekah, she managed to skillfully twist the emotional knife into both Stefan and Elena in order to inflict as much emotional damage as possible as payback for what happened to her.  Again, I have trouble blaming her.  She can be really nice and sweet, but the problem is that she is very unpredictable and can turn on someone incredibly quickly.  And now she is on a tear and that is not a good thing.

Klaus really, really needs to watch his back now that Rebekah is awake.  I do not know if she will refrain from attacking him again, particularly since she seems to be taking so much joy in the idea of turning him into a human as torture.  His method of helping Jeremy is typical Klaus: the simplest and most direct route possible.  Again, not a good thing.  I shudder at the possibilities implicit in what he is doing.  I suspect that he got Damon's help by the simple expedient of noting that it would help Elena.

I wonder if Stefan really hates Damon as much as he claims to or if he is trying to fool Rebekah.  I suspect the former, but I could be wrong.  He was deeply hurt by what Elena said.  The problem is that; as has been said frequently; Elena loves both brothers.  But Stefan has been trying so hard to turn her into his ideal of a vampire (not that Damon hasn't been) that she is feeling trapped.  Damon seems to want to let Elena be what she wants (even though he is molding her in a more subtle way) and I suspect that plays a part in what Elena said.  Also, there is the sire bond to consider.  Sigh....

Ok, think I said this before, but I mean it.  Jeremy can no longer wear any shirt other than a tank top.  Damn that boy is fine!  And Matt needs to go sleeveless more often too.  Sorry, hormones were most definitively on parade when those two were on the screen together.  I am glad that Jeremy is trying to retain his sense of self while being a hunter, but to help Elena, he may need to do things he would rather not do.  Unfortunately, by working with Klaus, there will definitely be collateral damage.

Then there is Bonnie.  Girl, you need to run away from Shane as fast as possible.  You are right, that magic he is having you use is dark.  Sadly, I don't see her doing any running.  She was freaked by what happened, but I think that if she thinks she can control it, she will continue to use Expression.  Not a good thing.

Until next week my friends!