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Friday, January 25, 2013

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.11- Catch Me if You Can

Sides in the race for the cure start to firm up, Klaus comes up with a plan to reveal the rest of the map, Kol plots to stop Klaus, and Elena plots to stop Kol.  Oh, Stefan and Rebekah get horizontal too.....

Well, we now have at least 4 groups in the search for the vampire cure.  Klaus wants it to get more hybrids and to stop other people from getting it.  Shane wants to resurrect someone (name forgotten) who will bring on the world (at least according to Kol).  Rebekah wants it to deny it to Klaus and Kol wants to stop the world from ending.  This could be interesting because at least some of these groups are going to have to cooperate to get things done.

I have to say that I was shocked at Elena's plan.  Kill Kol to wipe out his entire vampiric line?  Wow, that sounds like a Klaus suggestion.  My only question is if Klaus or Rebekah would allow it.  Klaus very well might if it would further his own ends, but I don't see Rebekah oking it, although I could be wrong.  I also suspect that Elena would regret it heavily if it were to happen.  Granted, she is also thinking about saving Jeremy and freeing Damon from Kol's compulsion, but

Kol's plan to use Damon to kill Jeremy had the advantage of being very simple.  It was also a nice way to get around the promise Kol made to Klaus.  I wonder if Klaus actually meant to kill Jeremy or if he honestly thought that Jeremy would change his mind and kill the vampires.  I think Jeremy may have changed his mind eventually, but at this point, he is resisting the urge to kill vampires with everything at his disposal, particularly since Elena and many of his friends are vampires.

And Bonnie is becoming more and more powerful.  Unfortunately, that does not mean that she is becoming wiser.  She is so letting Shane get into her head an manipulate her.  Unfortunately he can do this because he knows her well.  He also seems to be able to control her to a certain degree.  Hopefully she'll be able to figure out a way to control everything herself instead of him pulling the strings.

Stefan and Rebekah?  Should have seen that coming, but I didn't.  Not terribly surprised, but not quite expected either.  Wonder how Caroline and Elena will react to this latest turn of Stefan's.  He seems to be dangerously close to turning off his emotions and becoming the Ripper again which will be a very, very bad thing for everyone.

Until next week!