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Thursday, January 17, 2013

On Top Chef: Restaurant Wars

I do not normally comment on reality shows, but after watching last night's Top Chef, I have to say something.  I have read what Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons had to say about the elimination as well as other people's reactions.  I just have to throw my two cents into what I think is quite possibly the worst elimination I have seen on Top Chef.

Before I go off on a rant, I do need to say that Kristen definitely made some mistakes.  She tried to take on and control too much and didn't have the experience to run the kitchen.  That being said, I am incredibly upset at the judges for eliminating her regardless of what she did or did not say to defend herself.


There is some semi-strong language below, so if you are at all sensitive about that, don't read any further.  I am definitely upset and let that come through.  Thankyouverymuch.


I know that Tom Colicchio has said (on numerous occasions) that they can only judge based on the dish placed in front of them, and I totally get that normally.  However, it would seem that when faced with two contestants who are on the bottom, one of whom has consistently been in the top or won (Kristen) and one who has accomplished jackshit and has consistently been on the bottom (Josie), it is very relevant to take their histories into account.  I've seen it on other shows too, and I think that rule is one of the stupidest rules.  When deciding the top, definitely only look at what is in front of you, but when the bottom is close (as I said) history should definitely play a part as Gail so rightly noted last night.

I have to applaud Kristen for being a very classy lady, but I do want to take her to task for not defending herself.  I honestly think that if she; in a calm manner; laid out the reasons the dish failed (both her's and Josie's) she would have survived.  Instead, she let Josie throw her under the bus and then threw herself on her sword.  I think she could have preserved her integrity while still telling the truth about what happened.

As for Josie, I am so looking forward to that talentless bitch getting her ass kicked off the show.  So far she has skated through because other people have somehow managed to screw up worse than she did.  What she did in the show last night was horrific and should utterly destroy any chance she has to come any closer to the title.