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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.13- Betrayal

Very apt title for the episode. With one exception, every major character betrays, is betrayed, or both in this episode....

Poor Oliver finds out that he, his father, and his stepfather (and his sister to an certain extent) have all been betrayed by his mother. Granted, we know that she hasn't exactly had alot of choices, but he doesn't know that and he is now at the point where he is ready to demand answers. I understand why he was reluctant to believe that his mother was capable of doing anything wrong and why he trusted her denial, but I am glad that his eyes were opened by Diggle. That eye-opening came about as a result of a betrayal. Now, this betrayal was for Oliver's benefit, but it was still a betrayal. Fortunately, Oliver was able to get over it very quickly. I was shocked by the ending. I was not expecting the Arrow to come crashing through window and demand answers. I figured that Oliver might approach Moira himself. But I guess that all things considered, he did the only thing that would really work.

Oliver was also (possibly) betrayed on the island. He was sent to find a man to help him and ended up getting attacked and tied up, only to free himself and to discover that the man who captured him had the same mask as the man who tortured him. So, was Slade telling the truth when he said that his partner also had the same mask or was he lying? I assume we'll find out very soon. Sort of nervous about that.
Oliver and Laurel were also betrayed by Detective Lance. Using his daughter to catch the Arrow was just beyond cold and I so cannot blame her for freezing him out. He is so obsessed with catching the Arrow that he is missing what is obvious to everyone else: the Arrow is a good person who is doing good. Outside of the law, granted, but still doing good. He has now shattered his relationship with his daughter, even if his rescuing her with the Arrow in the end was enough to start to mend it. Lance is also a hypocrite. He gets all upset about the Arrow, but will rely on him for personal stuff. I get it, but he is still a hypocrite.
Laurel is also a bit of a hypocrite. She condemns her dad for lying to her about the phone, but she has been lying to Tommy this entire time. Again, I get why she is hiding the fact that she is in contact with the Arrow from Tommy, but she is still being a hypocrite. I was impressed with how well she fought of her attackers. The question now is if the Arrow is doing the right thing in leaving her alone. I would say probably not, but I do get his reasoning.
I think Thea was the only one who was not betrayed and did not betray anyone else this week. Granted, she was only in a few minutes, but still. Her interning with Laurel ought to be highly amusing.
Until next week!