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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.14- The Odyssey

Well, Moira had an interesting (and not terribly surprising) reaction to the Arrow, we find out more about the island, and someone else learns the secret....

Unsurprisingly, Moira shot the Arrow when given the chance.  Can't say I blame her because he does have a not too great reputation.  And that was setup for the entire episode.  I do wonder what she would do if she discovers that she shot Oliver.

Felicity is now in on the secret and, all in all, she handled it well.  Finding a shot Oliver in her car could not have been fun, but she kept her cool and took him to Diggle.  Love his reaction when she came in saying that Oliver was heavy.  Also love how she was able to upgrade the computers and fix the wires as needed.  She says that she is only on the team temporarily in order to find Walter, but I suspect that; given the fact that she is a regular next season; she will join the team permanently.  Having a computer whiz on the team will be very helpful.

It was nice to get a little bit of back story on Diggle.  Gave some nice insight as to why he is helping Oliver and why he is the way he is.  Protecting a bad guy would have to truly suck.

Then there is Oliver.  Talk about a rough time on the island.  He had a chance to get away and lost it because he wanted to save his mentor (Yao Fe?).  Unfortunately, the mentor's daughter was captured by the mercenaries and he wanted to keep her safe.  Which sort of sucked for Oliver because he went through some pretty grueling training to help out and ended up being fairly useless until the escape was almost over.  But the training finally kicked in and he did a good job helping to escape.

Not entirely sure what to make of Slade.  He is very, very tough, but he also seems to have a bit of a soft spot for Oliver.  I wonder if he will continue to train Oliver now that they are trapped on the island or if he will go the way of his newly departed friend.

Next week,a purse snatcher comes to town...