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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.15- Dodger

Felicity takes part in her first mission, Oliver and Diggle both have missions that have nothing to do with the Arrow, Thea meets an interesting person, and Moira takes some shocking steps....

Well, Felicity is definitely not an out-and-proud member of the Arrow squad.  She doesn't seem to mind helping Walter, but is seriously balking at doing *ANYTHING* that will hurt people.  While I can applaud the sentiment, she is being a tad bit naive.  She is acting as if Oliver is somehow enjoying hurting people, when it seems more that he hurts people if necessary, but prefers not to.  She needs to have a little more trust in Oliver.  Whatever else you can say about him, Oliver is not a bad guy.  He is a guy who is trying to make things better.  Is he going about it in the best way?  That is debatable.  However, he is still only doing what he sees as the best thing.  And Felicity should be glad that he is, because that is what saved her life tonight.

Did Oliver do the right thing on the island when he left that guy tied up?  In one sense, I totally get where he is coming from.  He is trapped on an enemy island and is not sure who to trust.  And what are the chances that someone who has nothing to do with what is going on would be left tied up in his cave?  In that sense, I get what he did.  However, maybe he could have done something else.  It was a bad choice either way, so it seems like he just did what he thought was best under the circumstances.

Oliver and Diggle had dates.  Diggle, dude, I so cannot believe you brought up your dead brother when you were on a date with his widow.  So incredibly stupid.  And as far as I am concerned, Oliver didn't do that much wrong.  The detective was grilling him and asked him a sensitive question about his time on the island that he didn't want to answer.  And so she gets upset at him?  Not cool girl.  He may have been a bit abrupt, but I think he reaction was sensible and justified.  I also think it was pretty biog of him to apologize to her.  Oh, and I cannot believe Detective Lance.  Is there any doubt; particularly given the look he directed at Oliver; that he asked the Detective to be on the task force because she is dating Oliver?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

Moira has hired China White to get rid of Malcolm.  And she is also trying to get out of the Undertaking.  Put these things together, and it is not going to be good for the Queen family.  Honestly, I did not think Moira would have the stones to try and kill Malcolm.  If he gets wind of this, things are going to get *VERY* hairy for the Queens.  Interesting question: would Oliver stand by while China and Malcolm duke it out?  Or would he intervene?  If he did intervene, whose side would he take?

Thea rather obviously has a new potential love interest in the form of Roy Harper.  I wonder how much of his story is true and how much is not.  I will be honest and admit that I thought that the title of the episode referred to Roy Harper.  In "Oliver Twist", the Artful Dodger is a thief who takes Oliver (Twist) under his wing.  I was thinking that maybe the situation here is reversed and Oliver (Queen) takes the Dodger (Roy Harper) under his wing.  I guess it is still possible for this to happen, but given that the main villain is called the Dodger, it is slightly less likely.

Until next week!