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Friday, February 1, 2013

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.12- A View to a Kill

A plan comes to fruition, Bonnie unequivocally declares her independence, Klaus gets severely pissed off, and Rebekah makes a confession.

I have to say that I did not expect the plan to kill Kol come to fruition as fast as it did.  Conceived in one episode and finished in the next.  Wow.  And it worked because Jeremy's mark was definitely growing in the end.  Loved the revelation of that by the way.  Ripping the shirt was a nice touch.  Of course any shirtless Steven McQueen is a nice touch! :-)  I was a little surprised at how upset Klaus got about the whole thing, particularly since it advanced his interests of finding the cure.  Then again, I wonder if Klaus was upset because Kol was killed or if he is upset that it was done without consulting him.  I was also surprised that Rebekah seemed to accept the whole thing so quickly.  Is she that eager to become a human or is she plotting revenge of some sort?

Bonnie is becoming dangerously close to being completely out of control.  She can obviously use Expression (and use it well), but I wonder if she is going to become its slave.  Dark Bonnie, anyone?  That would be truly scary.  Not only did she manage to hold off Kol in the school and get away from her parents, but she also managed to trap Klaus in the living room of Elena and Jeremy's house after magically dragging him in.  She is becoming incredibly powerful very, very quickly and that worries me.

Rebekah wanting to be human surprised me, but it makes sense.  She has always seemed to be one of the more human of the Originals (Elijah being the other most human), so it makes sense that she would want to regain what she lost so long ago.  Besides, it might also get her out of Klaus' orbit and into a world of her own, so there would be that to consider.  I do wonder what would happen to an Original's line if they become a human.  I suspect nothing, but it is possible that it could have some weird ripple effect.

I wonder if Silas is as bad as Kol thinks or not.  It is entirely possible that Silas could be the cure and the end of the world for vampires (so to speak) or he could literally bring on the apocalypse.  That will be interesting to see.

Next week, we go on a search for the cure now that the map is complete....