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Friday, February 8, 2013

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.13- Into the Wild

The crew is searching for the cure and Klaus acts very Klausian....

Well, most of the gang went to an island off of Nova Scotia to look for the cure.  Jeremy is along because of the Hunter's Mark, Bonnie is needed for her magic, Stefan and Rebekah have the gravestone, Shane has the knowledge of what to do locked in his head, and Damon has "a nice behind" (quote courtesy of Rebekah).  Elena is (apparently) the only one there without a helpful reason.   And that was only the start of the catfight that she and Rebekah are now locked in.  Rebekah is understandably upset that Elena has had a part in killing 2 of her brothers and that Elena is forgiven for things that Rebekah has been castigated for.  Elena is trying to be the bigger woman, but Rebekah is making it really hard.  I do think Rebekah has a point, however do note that when Elena has done bad things, she tends to agonize over them, whereas Rebekah does them because she can.  More than a slight difference there.

That mark has seriously grown as we saw when Bonnie was taking pictures of Jeremy's shirtless torso.  That is some intricate makeup.  Wonder how often they'll need to reproduce it.  And how come everyone can see it now when only a few people could before?  And what is up with the new hunter?  Was it just me, or did he look a little like Klaus?  So not liking that Shane has had Jeremy kidnapped and is now well on his way to getting the cure.  I so don't trust him right now.

Unfortunately, our crew has been whittled down to three now that Damon has stormed off sulking.  And he is at the mercy of the hunter.  Again, not a good thing.  I do think he has a point.  Will Elena still love him if the sire bond wears off?  Or will she go back to Stefan's orbit?  It is a very legitimate question, and one that deserves to be asked and answered.  I know that she is currently convinced that she will stay with Damon, but given the fact that she chose Stefan while she was still human, will that change?

Then there was Klaus.  Caroline made a dumb mistake and got way too close and paid for it; almost with her life.  Fortunately, Klaus does love her and can (apparently) be redeemed.  He just needed a lot of encouragement and needed to get over his bruised ego.  I honestly thought for a second that we were going to lose Caroline, which would have seriously sucked.

Next week, they continue the search for the cure.