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Friday, February 15, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.14- Down the Rabbit Hole

Holy crap!  Those last few minutes were completely unexpected and I am so hoping there is an out, even if I sort of doubt that there is.....

Silas is awake courtesy of Katherine feeding Jeremy to him.  And Silas rewarded Jeremy by snapping his neck.  That was the WTF! moment of the night.  I have to say that I am hoping that Jeremy is still alive somehow, even if I doubt he is.  I did not notice whether or not he was wearing his ring (I was too busy looking at his chest again!), but even if he was I don't know if he would be protected by it since, if I remember properly, if you are not fully human the ring will not protect you. Since Jeremy was one of the Five, he would probably be considered supernatural.  However, I wonder if Jeremy was still a hunter given the fact that Bonnie drained the tattoo off of him in order to open the tunnel.  So, we will see next week.  Hoping Jeremy is still alive, but I sort of doubt it.

Which brings me to my serious peeve with the Vampire Diaries.  Most of the characters seem to get good meaty stories, except for Matt and Jeremy.  Jeremy's aren't that bad, but Matt is constantly in the background hovering.  I really wish they would find a way to better integrate the two characters into the overall stories.  They are both routinely criminally underused.  And don't tell me that a non-supernatural character can't be in a story like this.  Buffy did it with Xander.  He was the only regular human in the whole show and he managed to survive and thrive under the circumstances.

I feel really bad for Elena, Stefan, and Rebekah.  All three of them want the cure for different reasons, but only one could get it before it was retrieved by Katherine.  Then there was Vaughn who wanted to use it to turn Silas into a mortal and kill him.  That was not a good situation.  I was glad that Elena was willing to give it to others when she heard there was only one dose.  Annoyed at Rebekah for snapping Stefan's neck, but it was understandable.  She wants it for herself and if Stefan got it, he would give it to Elena, who she dislikes intensely.

I also feel sorry for Caroline.  Not so much for Tyler, whom I have never really liked, but definitely for Caroline.  She cannot manage to maintain much happiness.  I wonder how much she can do to manipulate Klaus before he gets sick of it and stops doing things for her.  Here's hoping Tyler manages to do something soon.

I was definitely smirking at Shane.  That guy deserved what he got.  The only bad thing is that I wonder what would have happened if Shane had been in the crypt with Bonnie and Jeremy.  Would Katherine have fed him to Silas instead?  Or will only the blood of one of the Five revive Silas?  If so, might that somehow bring Jeremy back?

I was intrigued by the weapon that Vaughn used on Rebekah.  Not much can keep an Original down other than the white ash stake.  I wonder if that was a device with the symbols from the bullet that Damon was shot with carved into it.  Maybe that would act like a dagger on one of the Originals, rather than outright killing them.

Next week, Dr. Fell returns and Elena is insisting that Jeremy is not dead....