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Friday, February 22, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.15- Stand By Me

The stages of grief: denial, anger, grief, and....Damon?!?!?!?!

So, Jeremy is really dead.  Elena and Bonnie are so not taking it well.

At first, Elena was in a state that was walking that fine line between denial and hopefulness.  I was right there with her because I was so hoping that Jeremy would have stopped being supernatural and would therefore be revived by the ring.  She definitely crossed over into denial when she did not recognize that he was decomposing and when she was refusing to even listen to Meredith.  When Matt came in to talk to Elena was when Jeremy's death first seemed real.  Before that everything seemed hopeful, but when Matt came in it all crashed down on me very unexpectedly.  It was nice to see the two of them go out and talk about Vicki and Jeremy.  And you knew the moment that everything hit Elena was when she talked with April and actually said that Jeremy was dead.  At that point, her entire world came crashing down.  And that is when the anger/grief really kicked in.

Her solution of burning down the house was definitely on the extreme side, but I can sort of understand it.  As Stefan said, Elena feels grief very intensely and that feeling is magnified now that she is a vampire.  And that was on full display.  She has lost her parents, her brother, her uncle/dad, and her aunt all of whom lived in that house with her.  Was burning it down the best option?  Probably not, because I expect that she would have wanted to go back eventually, but I do get it.

I must admit that I sort of hoped that wake up, even if that meant that he had been taken over by Silas.  If he had, then we would at least have a chance to save him or something.  Instead, he is gone.  I also must admit that had Jeremy been revived as Silas, that may have been even more cruel than just losing him because it would be Jeremy but not-Jeremy at the same time.  Double-edged sword there.

And Bonnie has apparently gone completely off her rocker thanks to a judicious push by Shilas (Silas masquerading as Shane).  Shilas used Bonnie's feeling for Jeremy to push her over the edge so that she would be willing to do anything to revive Jeremy.  The problem?  Well, first off, the revival could only happen with another massacre of 12 people, presumably vampires.  Second, the revival would not only release Jeremy, but also Grams as well as every other evil monster that has been killed.  I would assume that from this springs the idea that Silas would end the world because that is more or less what would happen.  Elena is rational enough; even pre-feeling-being-turned-off; to know that this is bad.  Bonnie is willing to sacrifice the world for Jeremy.  Not a good thing, particularly for an uber-powerful witch.

The rest of the crew spends time reacting to Jeremy's death, Bonnie's information, and trying to keep Elena from flying apart.  Not sure I am fond of Damon's solution, but it is completely understandable.  I hope that Stefan and Damon will be able to help Elena through any transition, but forcing her to shut off her emotions was probably the best short-term solution.  Stefan and Bonnie were being as practical and helpful as possible.  Matt was helpful until he was alone and then he broke down.  It was nice to see him help Elena out.  Hopefully, he will continue to help her and become a bigger part of the overall picture per my mini-diatribe last week.

Katherine has better watch out if she crosses Elena's path again.  Elena is not only upset about Jeremy's death, but she is also fairly stone cold and probably a touch more analytical at this point.  Could she beat Katherine in a fight?  Probably not, but I do think that she could give Katherine a good one.  And Hayley had better watch out if Elena finds out that she was helping Katherine.

Until March 14th!