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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.16- Dead to Rights

I apologize that this has taken so long, but my life has been a wee bit crazy and I haven't really had computer access.  But here it is.

On this episode of Arrow, someone new finds out Oliver's secret, Oliver saves someone interesting, and someone interesting is tasked to find out why Oliver had to save who he saved....

So, Tommy now knows that Oliver is the Arrow.  And the reason he found out?  Oliver was trying to save his dad who had been shot with a poisoned bullet by Deadshot.  In order to help Malcolm, Oliver had to show Tommy that the Arrow could be trusted.  Hence, the revelation.  Just find that interesting.  Also nice for Oliver, because now maybe he can get more help.  Also, given that Laurel has been close to the Arrow, maybe Tommy will be a little more understanding.

On the downside is the fact that there will almost inevitably be a confrontation between the Dark Archer and the Arrow.  And in that confrontation, there is a good possibility that one or the other could die.  If the Arrow were to kill the Dark Archer, I do not know it Tommy would ever forgive Oliver.  If, on the other hand, the Dark Archer were to kill the Arrow, Tommy would be seriously hurt.  I wonder if such a confrontation could be in the offing and give the Arrow a major villain to work against.  But this villain would know his identity and weak points, giving him a huge advantage.  That would make for some epic television.

Please tell me that I was not the only one to be amused by the fact that the Arrow had to save Malcolm from Moira, even if he didn't know that Moira had made the contract on Malcolm or that Malcolm is the Dark Archer.  The irony inherent is this situation is palpable and quite amusing.  He saves his enemy from his mother.  <snerk>

Speaking of Malcolm, I wonder if those missing two years that Tommy mentioned were when Malcolm learned how to become the Dark Archer and came up with the Undertaking.  Given that his wife was shot and killed in the area that the Undertaking is targeting, it makes sense.  And I still want to know what the Undertaking is exactly.  It is rather obviously not good, but I do wonder how bad it is.  Again, I suspect that the Undertaking will either be a multi-year arc or will be the cause of the aforementioned confrontation between the Dark Archer and the Arrow.

I also have to say that given the givens, Diggle took the news that Deadshot is still alive really well.  Wonder if there is any revenge planned.....

Until the 20th!