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Friday, March 22, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.17- The Huntress Returns

Helena returns and she is screwier than ever.  That spells bad news for Oliver and those he loves....

And when you thought she couldn't be any nuttier, she manages to achieve it.  I understand that she is upset about her dad having her fiance killed.  But she has seriously lost all perspective.  She kills anyone who gets in her way.  Tommy is right, Oliver has killed, but he does everything he can to avoid doing that.  Helena seems to almost revel in it.  I must say that I was hoping that Oliver would kill her, but I think I get why he didn't.  Helena knows who Oliver is and who is helping him and she is crazy enough to do whatever she wants to get him to help her.  And now that he won't help her anymore, she is going to want revenge.  Doctor, doctor!  She need a serious check-up from the neck up!

I am glad that Oliver finally stepped up to the plate where Helena is concerned.  I get that he has strong feelings for her and that is a large part of the reason he is reluctant to do anything permanent to stop her, but she is going to push him over the edge really soon.  She attacked Tommy and Felicity and killed several FBI agents (or were they police officers?).  He needs to do more and fast or else I am afraid that she is going to come at his family next.  That would be the logical next step in her revenge journey.  What would be even worse is if she were to team up with the Count or someone else to get Oliver.  That would be very, very nasty.

I thought that Tommy was ok with Oliver being the Arrow.  Apparently, I was wrong.  He was definitely freezing Oliver out because he felt that he didn't know Oliver anymore.  I was happy that he finally got things figured out, particularly after Oliver saved his arm from Helena.  I also wonder is Tommy will be of any help.  He doesn't seem to have any particular skills, so I don't see how he could help there.  But I guess maybe he could help use the bar to hide people if needed.

Roy has a fairly large chip on his shoulder.  I do get wanting to do things yourself, but if someone offers you a job, you'd be crazy not to take it, pride be damned.  It was nice to see him rescue Thea, although I do have to wonder if maybe he set the whole thing up.  Except for maybe the stabbing, although the stabbing could have been done on purpose.  The point?  To ingratiate himself with the Queens for some criminal purpose.  I hope that is not what is going on, but it is certainly possible.

McKenna is gone now.  She was shot in the lower torso by Helena with a shotgun and is going to be in rehab for a year or so.  Yet another reason for Oliver to want to get Helena.  It was definitely nice of Oliver to offer to move with her, but I understand why she didn't accept.  I am confused why he didn't offer to lend her a helicopter or something to shuttle her back and forth from rehab, which would allow them to stay together while letting her get to the best rehab facility in the country.

Is Sarah Lance still alive?  Oliver saw her sink into the ocean, but we never saw a body, so it is possible.  If so, I am betting she will be massively pissed at Oliver.  I suspect that she is dead, but I have been wrong before, so I'll withhold judgment for the moment.

Until next week!