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Friday, March 15, 2013

My Review of the Vampire Diaries 4.16- Bring It On

We get our first look at emotion-free Elena, and man, is it interesting!

Emotion-free Elena is part creepy and part flat-out fun.  It was nice to see her let loose and be like early Damon, but not so nice to see her as the Mean Girl of a high school.  The problem seems to be that Elena recognizes what is right or wrong, but she flat-out doesn't care.  She is running on her id.  To quote Faith (from Buffy) "Want.  Take.  Have."  She fed without caring about who did or did not see her, allowed Caroline to fall flat on her back during a cheerleading routine, attacked Sherriff Forbes, attacked and almost killed Caroline, and changed in front of whoever she wanted.  This girl is shameless.  I am enjoying it, even if it is more than a little creepy.  While she is not quite like Catherine, I do wonder if she could slip into that mode.  If she does, that would be really, really bad for everyone.

Damon is in an interesting pickle.  Since he got Elena to turn off her emotions, his sire bond no longer works because the sire bond appears to have been rooted in her feelings for Damon.  No feelings= no sire bond.  So now she is free to choose Damon if she wants to.  But somehow I don't think she will.  I also think she won't choose Stefan.  I honestly think she would prefer to remain alone and just enjoy whichever brother she wants at the current moment.  Nice?  No, but I think that fits in with what she is doing at the moment.  So he wants to get her the cure to get "his" Elena back.  Problem?  If he gives her the cure; as Rebekah noted; then she may very well choose Stefan.  So what is he going to do?  I think this is what is referred to as a no-win (or for the Trekkie in me, a Kobyashi Maru) scenario.

I find it interesting that Stefan is so unwilling to give up on Elena.  It makes sense because of how he feels about her, but it is still interesting.  I wonder how far he is willing to go in giving her the benefit of the doubt.  So far, she has been far more reckless than Damon ever was and there were several times when he tried to stop Damon.  Will he do the same thing to Elena?  Will he be *ABLE* to do the same thing to Elena?

Apparently Tyler is gone for the long haul since he deeded his house to Matt.  The nice thing is that now Tyler's house can be a refuge for people looking to hide from Klaus.  Matt will be staying there and I wonder if Caroline will be there now too.  Poor Caroline though, she won't be seeing Tyler soon.  Sucks to be her.

So Klaus has hooked up with Hayley and is protecting her from Katherine.  Not sure if this is a good thing or not.  After all, Hayley is part of the reason Klaus doesn't have the cure.  Then again, she is his best bet to find Katherine soon.  Is Hayley's family being from New Orleans what will take him there for the backdoor pilot to The Originals?

Until next week!