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Friday, March 22, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.17- Because the Night

Elena and Damon go on a road trip, Bonnie loses herself and then apparently gets it back, and Klaus puts the moves on Caroline.  Oh, and yes, Klaus meets Silas....

I am still enjoying emotionless Elena.  She is more fun and less psychotic than Katherine.  But she is equally devious and manipulative.  I so want to see what happens when the two of them meet.  Will Katherine's experience give her the edge over Elena?  That will be fun to watch.  I was surprised at how Elena managed to continually stay one step ahead of Damon.  That is impressive.  It might be because Damon simply underestimated her or thought of her as less devious than Katherine.  Or it could be that Damon was just blinded to what Elena would do to hold on to her emotionlessness.  I also liked how Elena and Rebekah bonded.  Not sure how long it will last, but it is fun.

So, the third massacre for the completion of the Expression triangle was one of witches.  I was a little surprised at that.  I assumed that the third would be vampires.  No particular reason other than the fact that Expression is a form of magic and I would have thought that witches would want to avoid killing each other.  I must admit though, that it does make a certain amount of sense.  Killing the humans and werewolves releases blood/death energy while killing witches would also release a certain amount of magical energy, so maybe that is why it had to be witches.  Poor Caroline.  I get that she wanted to save Bonnie from being killed, but was killing 12 witches and possibly countless others when Silas unleashes hell on earth worth it?  I have to agree with Klaus here.  No matter how much of a bastard he may be, he was right.  Allowing Bonnie to die would be, I think, ultimately the right thing to do.

No wonder Lexie hated Damon in the first season.  He left her on a rooftop to die and pretended to love her.  That is low even for him.  So there was a certain symmetry in what Elena and Rebekah did to him.  Not nice symmetry, but still symmetry.  And Damon was definitely getting sloppy in '77.  I do have to say though the the intercutting of the feeding scenes in the bar (back then and now) were pretty freaking hot.  Sort of disturbing, but still hot.

I am trying to figure out whether or not to feel bad for Klaus.  First, Caroline rejects him and calls him evil.  Then he looks like he is about to comfort her and then refuses to.  Then he confronts Silas and is stabbed in the back (literally) by the white ash stake.  Overall, not a good day to be him.  I wonder what (if anything) can kill Silas.  The guy is immortal and may be unkillable.  After all, if Qetsiyah wanted to punish him, making him actually immortal would definitely do that.

So next week, Elena catches up with Katherine.  I am foreseeing a brilliant catfight!