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Monday, April 8, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.19- Unfinished Business

An old enemy returns, Tommy reaches a crossroad, Diggle learns something new about Oliver, and we see how Oliver learned to shoot....

Oliver so needs to learn how to control his temper or he is going to start losing people.  He snapped at Felicity and that is not a good thing.  I get that he is stressed about the Count, Vertigo, and his club, but still there was not a good reason to go off on Felicity.  To his credit, he did seem to realize what he had done because he promptly took a breath and finished calmly.  He also went of on Diggle, this time with a certain amount of justification.  Diggle is right when he said that Oliver should know about personal vengeance being consuming, but Oliver was also right to feel a wee bit betrayed by Diggle.  He did need Diggle's help and Diggle was not there for him.

Unfortunately, Oliver has also lost Tommy- at least as a business partner.  Whether or not he has lost Tommy as more than that, we'll have to see.  I hope not because given the fact that Mr. Merlyn is the Dark Archer, should Tommy happen to let slip Oliver's secret identity in a fit of pique, things could be *VERY* dangerous.  Tommy was right to feel a wee bit betrayed.  He has been trying so hard to change for Laurel and to be a better man and Oliver is not giving him credit for that effort at all.  Was Oliver right to be suspicious?  Maybe.  But Oliver, of all people, should know that a person can change as a result of their circumstances.  I do think Tommy is overreacting a bit when he quit, but it is hard to blame him.  I think it would have been better for him to have gone home and thought it out and see if he could work out something with Oliver.

A new and deadly version of Vertigo is seen and man, does it set Oliver off.  Not surprised that he suspected the Count of being in charge of everything still.  I know that I never expected the new ringleader to be the Count's doctor.  That was a wee bit surprising.  Reverse engineering a potent drug and then making it even more potent?  Man, that is not a good thing.  Was impressed with the way Oliver shot him despite being dosed with Vertigo.  And then we had the interesting question.  Where does the Arrow draw the line when it comes to killing?  He has no compunction if the person is failing the city, but interestingly, he did not kill the Count.  Given the Count's obvious insanity, sparing his life did make sense.  I just found it interesting.  While does not follow commonly accepted morality, the Arrow has his own very strict code of conduct and morality.

Detective lance again manages to mess his relationship with his daughter, albeit in a strictly temporary way.  I am glad that he felt bad enough about everything to be apologetic while serving the search warrant.  That is growth.  And Laurel knows it, so she is willing to be very lenient, which is a good thing.  Now if only she can get her dad to accept her choice of boyfriends.

Lao Fei's daughter trained Oliver how to use the bow.  Interesting.  That exercise of slapping the water was odd and I am not entirely sure how it accomplished what it accomplished.  My guess is that he built up the muscles slowly, but I could be wrong.  Anyhow, he can now draw the bow, so he just needs to learn how to aim.  Wonder how long that will take him.

Until the 24th!