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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.18- American Gothic

Elijah reappears, Elena becomes serious, Klaus is seriously messed with, and the brothers get a rude awakening....

Wow, Elena has certainly changed and is seriously channeling her inner Katherine.  At this point, pretty much used to the idea that she is fairly impulsive as emotionless Elena, but last night she stepped beyond impulsiveness and into sociopathy when she simply snapped that woman's neck because the brothers wouldn't promise to let her be and not give up on the idea of using the cure on her.  That was about as cold as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.  What I do find interesting about it though is the timing.  She just finished with Elijah, who has spent centuries trying to help Katherine change with no success, and I wonder if maybe (just maybe!), she has decided to spare the brothers that.  Now, it could be simply that she wants them to stop so that she doesn't have to keep fending them off, or it could be something else in her (a residual feeling or something) that is forcing her hand somehow.  I find it interesting and curious.  If compassion is so essential to her basic nature, is it possible that that compassion is, in fact, forcing her to act in a certain way in order to keep her humanity turned off so that she doesn't have to feel the pain of Jeremy's death?

The Salvatore brothers are now in a serious bind.  They don't want to give up on Elena, but at the same time, they don't want another Katherine on their hands.  And Elena is dangerously close to hitting that Katherine territory.  Also, Stefan is getting tired of repeating the same mistakes with Damon over and over.  Damon wants to cure Elena even if it means that he loses her.  Are we headed towards some sort of area where they both are willing to give her up?  If so, that could be even worse in its own way.  What they need to do is focus on an immediate goal and quit trying to plan for the future.  They keep trying to make future plans and deals and these plans never work out, so they just need to give it up and focus on some immediate goal.

Silas really got into Klaus' head.  Either he never stabbed Klaus last week, or he did but there was no residual wound (unlike what Klaus thought).  Imitating Caroline to twist the knife just that much further was a wee bit on the mean side, but understandable.  So far, Silas has only shown himself as someone who has died.  My question is if he can imitate anyone or if (like the First from Buffy) he is limited by the dead.  Technically, Caroline (as a vampire) is dead, so there would be no contradiction here.  If he is limited in this manner, than we can be assured that certain people (Matt and Bonnie for example) are safe from being copied (for now).  If not, then everyone is suspect and paranoia reigns.  It seems like Tyler is able to come back now if he wants to.  The question is will he or not?

Loved having Elijah back.  It was interesting watching him with Rebekah and Katherine.  He so wants to get his Katerina back that he is blind to who she is.  I wonder if she is serious about wanting to change or if she is just saying that in order to get him to help her with Klaus.  I sort of want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she has so not earned it yet.  I want to believe that she can change if given the chance, but I have yet to see her do anything that was not in her own best interests, so I remain skeptical.

Until the 18th!