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Friday, April 19, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.19- Pictures of You

Elena continues her reign of terror until the unstoppable force meets an immovable object, Elijah makes a decision that annoys Klaus, Rebekah struggles with a challenge, Bonnie sees dead people, Matt is surprised by someone, Caroline receives a surprise visit, and the brothers Salvatore meet Silas.

Unstoppable force (Elena Gilbert) meet immovable object (Bonnie Bennett).  Guess who wins?  Yup, if you guessed our resident witch, you are correct.  Elena tries to attack Bonnie twice and both times Bonnie smacks her down something fierce.  I am not sure why Elena tried the second time (actually I am surprised she tried the first time) given the fact that Bonnie is an incredibly powerful witch from and ancient and powerful witch line.  And now that she is using Expression, she is even more powerful.  She has been able to stop vamps more powerful than Elena before, so Elena never stood a chance.  Although the sneaking up from behind was not a bad option, even if it didn't work.  So hoping Bonnie never goes Dark Willow, because that would be very, *VERY* bad.

Unfortunately for all involved, Silas has appeared to Bonnie in the form of Jeremy (in a tux no less!) in order to get her to drop the veil so that he can be reunited with his love.  And we got to see Silas' real face after several fake faces.  Tonight we saw him as Jeremy, Rebekah, and Stefan, and he appeared to Stefan as Damon.  I thought that maybe Tyler was actually Silas, but apparently not.  And Bonnie appears to be ready to consider dropping the veil in order to get Jeremy back.  Side note: Why on earth did Bonnie's blood cause Elena to projectile vomit it right back up?

Watching Rebekah and Matt together was kind of cute.  These two are actually not bad for each other if she can remember to be a decent human being.  I get why she was reluctant to heal April given that it would be using a vampire ability, but (as Matt pointed out) using her blood to cure April was actually a good, human thing to do.  I think Matt was overly harsh to Rebekah even if he did have a point.  She has never really done anything for anyone's good other than her own, so I can see why he would not necessarily think of her as a good human.  I do wish he could have found a nicer way to say it though.

I am actually glad Elena stole Caroline's dress because that new dress she wore was gorgeous and I think she looked so much better in it (although she was stunning in the original dress!).  I was definitely giggling at her attempts to keep herself from kill Elena who sorely deserves it at this point.  I really hope that the brothers can keep Elena locked up long enough to avoid damage to other people because she is going to be one incredibly pissed off vampire when she wakes back up.

Next week is the backdoor pilot to the Originals.  Looks pretty cool.  Until then....