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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.20- The Originals

I definitely liked this new episode.  As the pilot for a new series, it was definitely intriguing.  Since it is a backdoor pilot with not a whole lot from our regular crew, this will be a somewhat different review.  Not entirely sure how yet, but it will be....

First off, I love the world of New Orleans here.  It is decadent, sensual, and no one hides.  I think that will make things very interesting because everyone will be able to move around freely.  New Orleans has rich cultural history that would lend itself well to the series.  I also love the idea that we (hopefully) will be able to see how Klaus and Marcel turned New Orleans into the city it has become.

Marcel is an interesting character.  He was sired and taught by Klaus which means that he is as devious and manipulative as Klaus is.  He is definitely something of a sociopath and a complete control freak.  I so want to know how he controls the witches.  Did he really find something that lets him know when they cast magic?  Or is he somehow bluffing them?  It is also possible that he had something at one point, but no longer has it.  I am sincerely curious about him.  He can't kill Klaus unless he somehow manages to get his hands on the stake, so he can't really stop Klaus from doing what he wants unless he can use Hayley and her unborn child as leverage somehow.

I am fascinated by the brotherly link between Klaus and Elijah.  Elijah so wants to help Klaus become a better person, but that ain't gonna happen unless Klaus wants it to happen.  Was Catherine right?  Is she really like Klaus?  If so, then having the child and heir may cause Klaus to calm down somewhat.  The problem is that he can be utterly unpredictable.  He can be completely cool one minute and then (literally) tearing your throat out the next.  Unfortunately, he has been somewhat neutered on the show, so by moving him to a new location, we may get a bit of the old Klaus back, which will be nice.  Can Klaus overcome his paranoia and work with Elijah?  And how on earth does Rebecca come to New Orleans?  The other question is who (or what) will be the new Big Bad on TVD with Klaus gone?

I am not sure how I feel about the pregnancy.  I like it because the whole idea of a hybrid-werewolf hybrid is intriguing.  Not sure how this child will be different or special, but I do want to find out.  On the other hand, there are a million different ways that a bay storyline can go wrong, so I am a little worried there.  I just want to be sure that the show will use the baby properly.

Overall, I think I will like this show.  While there is potential for it to go oh so very wrong, I am really hoping the Julie and the writers can pull this one off properly.  There is also nice crossover potential between the shows and should they ever want to, they can bring Caroline down to New Orleans as a love interest for Klaus.

Back in Mystic Falls, we got to see the Salvatore brothers with Elena.  Will she crack first?  Or will they?  And how long will Catherine stick around?