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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.22- Darkness on the Edge of Town

Secrets are revealed, couples change, and damage is done....

Well, Oliver now knows the extent to which Moira has been working with Malcolm and he is not happy about it.  I must admit that I honestly thought that it was the Dark Archer who kidnapped Oliver and Moira and that he was trying to make it look like he was the Hood.  So when I realized it was Diggle, I was quite surprised.  And those hits that Diggle gave Oliver looked quite real.  Granted, Oliver can take the licking and keep on ticking, but it was still surprising.  Then there was his fight with Malcolm where Malcolm more or less revealed that he was the Dark Archer.  That was quite a fight.  Oliver did better this time, but I think it will be quite some time before he is ready to take on Malcolm on any sort of equal footing.  And now that Malcolm knows who the Hood is, it is not a good thing.

Feel bad for Felicity.  Oliver did try to rescue her, but he got trapped first by Malcolm and then by Thea and Roy.  Nice thinking on Diggle's part and good reaction by Felicity.  Her yelling about wanting Tommy was priceless, as were her mouth-foot utterances.

I was a little surprised that Walter managed to keep things together and realize that Moira was involved in what was happening to him.  Can't say I blame him for wanting a divorce, but I do think it may have been smarter to have stayed with her and learned as much information as he could before leaving her.  Nicest thing?  No, but it would have been the smarter move.

Not sure whether or not Roy's obsession with finding the Hood is a good thing or not.  He has lost Thea, but the Hood does seem to give his life purpose, so it is not an awful thing.  Hopefully he'll find the Hood soon and straighten things out with Thea.  Did love the way that Oliver threatened him.  That was amusing, in part because I think the brotherly concern bit was real.

Tommy and Laurel are done and Oliver and Laurel are apparently back on.  I would feel bad for Tommy except for the fact that he did manage to screw everything up all on his lonesome.  He had Laurel, but he was insecure after discovering who Oliver was and let her go.  If he had held onto her, nothing would have happened between her and Oliver.  Oh well.

Next week, I am anticipating another fight between the Hood and the Dark Archer.  If the Hood does somehow manage to kill the Dark Archer, then I would suspect that Tommy will be the new Big Bad and go after Oliver for killing his dad.