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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Review of Arrow 1.23- Sacrifice

As Oliver rushes to stop Malcolm's plan, Moira steps up and tragedy strikes.....

As much as I love Twitter, it can be spoilerific.  Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the episode last night because I was out helping my sister.  But when I got home and looked through my tweets, the likely name of the deceased person came to mind.  It wasn't a huge deal for me and didn't impact my emotional response since I could think of a dozen different ways for Tommy to have died.  My initial thought was that it was because he got in between a fight that his dad and Oliver were having.  I must say that if you are going to die, the way Tommy went is the way to go.  Not the impaling part, but the saving someone you love part.  Sucked for Oliver and Laurel, but it was nice for Tommy to go out a hero.

The poor guy though.  His former (and actual) beast friend sleeps with his ex and then tells him that his dad is the leader of an evil scheme to demolish the Glades.  Then Daddy dearest confirms the accusation and acts like a diabolical madman.  So Tommy decides to go make sure that Laurel is safe and manages to do so, but at the cost of his own life.  Not the best last day.  But at least he made his death meaningful.  I was seriously worried that in the finale Oliver would kill Malcolm without Tommy finding out the truth, so that Tommy would be out with a vendetta against Oliver.  Now, unfortunately, Malcolm is alive (and presumably going to jail!) with a vendetta against Oliver and his family for foiling the Undertaking.

At long last, Oliver takes Diggle along with him to fight Malcolm as the Dark Archer.  Two times now, Malcolm has kicked Oliver's ass up one side and down the other because Malcolm knew what his cause was and would do anything to see it through.  Oliver's was more nebulous, so he needed something more specific to focus on.  When he got that thing (the Glades and his family), he pulled out all the stops and stopped Malcolm without killing him.  That was impressive.  It was equally impressive that Malcolm managed to fight off both Diggle and Oliver at first.  That was truly impressive.

So glad that Moira came around and told the truth.  What happened last week must have shamed her enough to do the right thing.  Will it be enough to get Walter back?  I don't know.  I hope so, but I don't know.  I am betting that she will plead to a lesser charge in exchange for testifying against Malcolm at a trial or something like that.  I would say that given everything, she has totally earned that sort of leniency.

It was nice to hear Detective Lance realize that sometimes upholding the spirit of the law requires breaking its letter and that people are more important than the law.  That is what the Vigilante stands for.  The importance of people over the law and the primacy of human life over dead letters on a page.  Glad that Moira held her conference in time to help corroborate his story for the police.  Will he still be punished?  Probably, but I hope not.  And seeing him work with Felicity to disarm the device was quite cool.

Thea and Roy are back on and going fairly strong.  I hope he comes out of the Glades and moves in with the Queens because that would be cool.  Or maybe they could put him up somewhere since a large portion of the Glades is destroyed.  I want to see more of him as the Vigilante's sidekick.

Tonight, Vampire Diaries and then reviews takes a rest until June 3 when Teen Wolf Season 3 is on.