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Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.21- She's Come Undone

The Salvatore brothers take a drastic step to turn on Elena's humanity, Caroline meets Silas, Bonnie meets Katherine, and Rebekah grows closer to Matt....

I must say that I was impressed with how far the Salvatores would go to restore Elena's humanity.  Torturing her themselves was never really going to work because she knew that they would not go to far, so she just had to outlast them.  Bringing in Katherine, however, was a stroke of genius.  Katherine does not like Elena and would do whatever she needed to do in order to accomplish her goal.  The problem is that Katherine is so independent that she is unreliable, so when she decided it would be more fun to let Elena free, that is what she did.

Killing Matt was perfect.  Of all the humans in her life, he is the most vulnerable and the one she cares about the most.  Bonnie could perform a spell to make it look like she died and Caroline is no longer human.  By killing Matt so vividly and brutally right in front of her, Damon forced Elena to let some feelings bubble up to the surface.  I was glad that Matt agreed to it because I do not think there was another viable option.  I was a little surprised that Elena did not think that Matt was wearing the ring, but then again, everything happened so quickly that she was not given time to think.

So not sure what Bonnie is up to at this point.  She has become such a good liar at this point that she could be working for Silas or could be working against him.  Given that she wants the headstone, I would suspect that she is working for Silas.  The only other option I can think of is that she somehow thinks that using the headstone will give her the power to kill Silas or strip him of his immortality, thus allowing him to be killed.  That girl just keeps getting scarier and scarier.

Poor Caroline.  First, she tries to help Elena and fails.  Then she has to listen as Elena is tortured and discovers the Rebekah knew that Matt needed help before she did.  Finally, she is haunted by Silas as a method to draw out Bonnie.  Other than Rebekah, Caroline is the vampire who most wants a normal human life, and she is doing everything in her power to make her last few weeks of high school normal.  Then she thought that her mom was dead.  Rough time for her.

I was very impressed with Rebekah.  She obviously cares about Matt and wants to help him out.  Her offer to compel good grades or a scholarship for him came from a good place, so even if he would never accept it, you had to know that he appreciated the thought.  And dude, do draw on her vast knowledge.  She can obviously be really helpful.  Given that she vowed to not leave Matt, I wonder what causes her to go to New Orleans.

Until next week!