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Friday, May 10, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.22- The Walking Dead

Bonnie drops the Veil leading to some familiar faces returning, Elena has revenge on her mind, and there are some unexpected consequences to Bonnie's endgame....

Talk about an uber-witch!  Bonnie drops the Veil, medusas Silas, and manages (apparently) to resurrect every (or st least some) undead creature(s) within the Expression Triangle.  Unfortunately, this last takes all of Bonnie's strength and has killed her.  I must admit that I was so not expecting that.  I do hope this means that Jeremy is back and that the writers are going to use him better now.  I do not think he has *EVER* been used as good as he could be used, so if they get another chance, I will be very happy.  The unfortunate thing is that three of the Five are back and it is entirely possible that Kol is as well.  The other nice thing is that both Alaric and Lexie were within the Expression Triangle, so maybe they'll be back to.  That would be totally cool.  The other interesting thing is that since Bonnie is the last of the Bennett line (I think) this powerful line of witches can't do anything anymore.  And they have been involved in vampire business since the very beginning.

Elena has managed to go with a new mono-focus.  This one is the killing of Katherine, and she very nearly manages to do it.  I don't think that Katherine has honestly thought of Elena as a serious threat, but it is obvious that under the right circumstances, Elena can be a major threat.  She has considerable emotions and when she channels all of those emotions into one thing, it will take more power than there is on heaven and earth to stop her.  She stabbed Damon, hit Stefan, and came within inches of killing both Bonnie and Katherine.  This girl is dangerous.  *VERY* dangerous.

Out of all the returnees we saw, I think I was the most surprised by Alaric and Lexie.  I was expecting Jeremy and we saw Kol in previews, so neither of them was particularly surprising.  When Alaric appeared, I whooped with joy and nearly teared up with joy for Stefan when Lexie appeared.  I was also very surprised when the Hunters appeared and was even more surprised when they stayed around.  As I said above, I so hope that Alaric, Jeremy, and Lexie stay around.  I suspect the Hunters will too and that they probably play a part in Rebekah leaving for New Orleans.

I was impressed with how well Silas was able to play Caroline.  Seeing Silas play her was actually a little chilling.  Caroline is so sweet that seeing her as an uber-villain was scary.  I also loved how Rebekah managed to snap the real Caroline out of the Silas illusion.  That was amusing as was Rebekah's reaction of satisfaction.  I also loved Matt's explanation about why he will not let Rebekah cure him.  He wants to remain human.  He was careful to make it clear that he was *NOT* rejecting Rebekah, but was rejecting the whole idea of vampire blood curing him because he does not want to turn into a vampire.  Very cool of him.

Damon now has the cure.  Will he give it to Elena?  Or will he give it to someone else?  I suspect that he will give it to Elena, but I cannot wait to see what he does with it.

Next week looks like chaos courtesy of the Hunters.  If Jeremy and Alaric are back, could they help out here?  Maybe Elijah and/or Klaus will return to help out.  Until then...