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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.23- Graduation

A new doppleganger is revealed, a vampire is cured, graduation occurs, the effects of a spell is revealed, and we are left with a "Oh, $hit!" cliffhanger....

So Stefan is Silas' doppleganger?  That was totally unexpected.  I am also a little thrown by the ending.  If I understood it correctly, Silas is the one who created the immortality spell and in doing so, created a doppleganger that could be killed.  So does this mean that Silas is Qetsiyah (never sure how to spell her name)?  Or, did he create the spell and she cast it?  I am a little confused there.  And is Silas one of the original members of the Salvatore bloodline?

With all of the linkage between families here, it is no wonder they all settled together.  Bonnie's ancestors have all been uber-witches responsible for creating/casting some of the most powerful spells in the world: the immortality spell, the Originals vampire spell, the curse to contain Klaus' hybrid side, the Petrovka doppleganger spell, the spell to contain the vampires beneath the church, the daylight rings/jewelry, and then everything Bonnie has done.  So they've been linked to the vampire community since the beginning.  Elena is descended from Katherine and her family who are needed in order to make hybrids and release Klaus' hybrid side.  And now Stefan is Silas' doppleganger and Silas is *THE* original vampire.  Talk about some seriously screwy stuff.

Katherine is no longer a vampire.  This cannot be good for her.  She has created enough enemies in the group that she needs to be seriously worried about what will happen to her.  The Salvatore's can't stand her, Rebekah hates her, and almost everyone else around wants her dead.  She will either need some serious protection or get out of town hella fast.  I suspected that she might get the cure, but I did not count on it being the way it was.  Loved it when Elena shoved it into her mouth and then forced her to swallow it.  I am fascinated by the idea of Katherine as a human.  I so want to see how well she'll cope.

Elena has chosen Damon.  I want to say that it had to do with the sire bond, but since we can be fairly confident that it is broken now, I can't.  Hafta feel sorry for poor Stefan.  I do wonder how long it is going to take for people to realize that "Stefan" is not really Stefan and put the pieces together.  This is so not going to be pretty when people figure it out.  The problem is that I do not think there is a way to kill Silas, especially now that Bonnie is gone and so is her witchly line.  I do wonder if Jeremy (as one of the Five, assuming he still is one of the Five after his resurrection) has the power to stop Silas at all.  That could be interesting.  Also, where exactly is Jeremy going to live?  His house and stuff are all gone.  I assume he'll live with Matt, but he may also stay with Elena and Damon.

Matt has decided to go on a road trip with Rebekah.  However, he has told her flat out that he wants to remain human, so she'll have to behave herself.  Not that I think that is going to be a problem for her because she has turned out to be a decent human being.  I was impressed with how she managed to take Matt's place on the bomb.  It made sense since she cannot be killed except by the White Oak stake.  Singed a little, sure, but not killed.

Loved the reappearance of Klaus.  Did he really behead the witch with the graduation cap?  That was nifty, as was his threat to continue to do so.  I also liked that he told Caroline that he wanted to be her last love and that he was willing to wait for her.  I wonder how long it will be before that happens.  And will Tyler come back?  Honestly, I won't miss him if he doesn't unless they can give him (and Jeremy!) a decent storyline to work with.  Jeremy's this year as a Hunter was pretty cool, I hope they continue to give them good stories and not just addons as needed.

It was really cute to see how excited Caroline was by everyone showing up for graduation.  That was funny.  I liked the way they lingered on each person.  I can't say I'll particularly miss Bonnie because she was getting to be way too powerful.  I am not sure where else they would be able to go with her.  Maybe they can bring her back periodically to advise Jeremy about what to do since he is a medium and can talk with ghosts.

This is my last review for a little over two weeks.  I will be back with the first of the new Teen Wolf episodes.  Have fun!