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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Thoughts about the 90210 Series Finale- We All Fall Down

Given that it was a series finale, I wanted to record some of my thoughts about 90210, both in general and about the finale specifically.

I actually watched the first half of the first season, but stopped watching around the midseason break.  I wish I hadn't now, but at the time, it really bored me and didn't have anything that I was interested in.  I have never seen the second half of Season 1 or any of Season 2, so I missed the introduction of Liam and Teddy and the exits of Dixon/Annie's dad and Ethan.  I tuned back in (in all honesty) because I heard they were going to bring a character out of the closet, and I am always interested in seeing how well that sort of storyline is done.  I started watching during the 3rd episode ("2021 Vision") of Season 3 (went back and saw the rest on reruns).  I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised that the show had gotten much better and I found myself enjoying it.

Fast forward to last night.  I must admit that I was hoping for a flashforward to see where the crew ends up, which would have been very cool.  I liked the finale and the way that they paired everyone off (even if I think that Naomi should have gotten Max back, I will never get off that particular wagon).  I did think that it was a little maudlin for a finale, but maybe that was what they were going for.  Liam and Annie and Adrianna and Navid (never really liked either of them, so glad this worked out!) were nice.  I just wish we weren't left hanging on the fates of Dixon and Silver.  That was a little annoying.

If you're on my TV Reviews list (and read my commentaries!), you've noticed that I have a very soft spot for Silver, Naomi, and Teddy (until recently with the way he's treated Silver) and can barely stand Adrianna.  I've also never quite liked Navid and my opinion about Dixon has varied depending on what he is doing.  I've pretty much always liked Annie and Liam and barely notice that Ivy is gone (thank goodness!).  As I said above, I so wish that Naomi and Max had stuck it out, because they were practically perfect together.  Then again, I always liked that type of pairing: geek and beauty queen.  That's part of the reason I was so pro-Mouth/Brooke (or to a certain extent Mouth/Rachel) on OTH.  Naley is a similar pairing that maybe shouldn't have worked, but really did.

Anyway, I did love 90210.  Was it perfect?  No, but from what I can see, dumping the older cast and everything worked well, so I am glad that it lasted.  I would have loved a little bit more to clean up the ending a tad, but other than that, I thought it was nice.  The ending was like the show, a bit of a hot mess.  Regardless of that fact (or maybe because of it), I still loved it.