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Friday, June 14, 2013

An Examination of the SIdes in Continuum

While watching Continuum tonight, my brother asked a good question: which side in the future is better?   You have Liber8 who is undoubtedly a group of terrorists and not good at all.  While I may admire their goals, their methods leave much to be desired.  Liber8 has killed (or will kill to be more accurate) thousands of innocents to get to a few people which emphatically makes them black hats.  Then there are the corporations.  Now, based on what members of Liber8 have said, the corporations are evil, but I don't entirely trust Liber8 to tell the whole truth.  We have also seen one or two instances of corporations doing morally questionable (at best) things, so the corporations are obviously not white hats.  However, without further objective proof, I would hesitate to say that they are black hats too.  Right now, at best we have a morally questionable group versus a group of terrorists.

Another question relates to Keira.  She is serving the corporations as a Protector which seems to put her in not the best moral territory.  However, it is obvious that she herself is a good person who honestly believes that what she is doing the right thing and does not resort to morally objectionable actions to do so.  The problem is that if a good person is defending a morally questionable or bad group, they are not necessarily doing the right thing.  Upholding a corrupt government or group is bad.  So the question is whether she blindly followed orders or if she (at any time) resisted bad orders to uphold a greater good.

Finally, there is Alec.  Given what Kellogg said tonight, Alec is definitely one of the most powerful people in the future.  We also know that Alec has been playing both sides in the future.  So where does he fall?  Is he a mole in the corporations working with Liber8?  Or is he using Liber8 to ensure that the corporations do not become too powerful?  Like the present Kellogg, his motives and actions are extremely murky.   We do know that he sent the members of Liber8 and Keira back to the past on purpose, presumably to change the future for the better.

All in all, I think it is almost impossible to evaluate and come to a decision as to which side is ultimately good or bad here.  We only have partial information and need a lot more to make an informed decision.