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Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Review of Falling Skies 3.03- Badlands

A new groups of humans come to Charleston with quite a story, Anne continues to worry about Alexis, Hal worries that he is the mole, Matt comes face-to-face with death in a new way, Jeanne works on a memorial, and Tom picks a new vice-president.

So now we have a new group entering the picture.  Charleston comes under attack from a group of humans who claim to have been sent by the President of the United States, Charlie (?) Hathaway.  This is a new twist for sure.  If the President is still alive, then that means that Tom is no longer the actual president and that changes the dynamics of the show in a major way.  There are a few questions though.  First, did the President actually send the people, or was it someone posing as the President?  Or did she lie completely and was she sent by no one?  She could be someone like Pope was and decided to attack Charleston after she saw the Volm and the rebel Skitters there.  Second, if the President is still alive, where has he been?  I get that he would have gone into hiding for a while in order to keep some semblance of a government going, but why resurface after 2 years?  And why send soldiers to attack Charleston rather than scout and see what was going on first?

I am glad that Tom decided to pick a new vice-president in spite of what he was told by the woman who was supposedly sent by the President.  Until he gets definite word that the soldiers were sent by the President, he needs to keep trucking along in order to maintain as much normalcy and stability as possible.  I cannot say that I am fond of how Pope spoke to him, but there was an element of truth in Pope's words.  From what the soldier said, if the Volm and rebel Skitters weren't around Charleston, the soldiers would not have attacked.  I also get that Pope is frustrated that his people are dying without being told what is going on.  That being said, there are times when it is best that information be kept compartmentalized, particularly with the mole in Charleston.  The fewer people who know what is going on, the less likely it is that the mole will get the information that he/she needs.

I hate how much Matt is going through.  He has Crazy Lee shot very close to him and he sits by her on her deathbed.  That has to suck.  I know that every kid in this new world has to grow up very quickly, but that doesn't make it suck any less.  I have to admire how composed he was through everything.  He helped keep her calm and did exactly what he had to do to help.  The only thing that confuses me is that I thought that last week Tom told him that he had to go to school, but this week he said that he wasn't going.  Did Tom change his mind or is my memory just faulty?

I am definitely with Maggie where Hal is concerned.  I understand that he is freaked out about what is happening to him and I get that he is a potential danger to everyone if Karen continues to control him, but he does need to stop and think first.  Unless he knows for sure that he is the mole, he needs to just calm down and not talk too widely about what is going on.  I do think he should tell Tom or Weaver, just so that they know.  The only problem with telling them is if they decide that he needs to be locked up for the safety of Charleston or something.

For most of the episode, I was honestly wondering if Anne was imagining what Alexis was doing given the fact that no one but Anne was around when Alexis did things.  She was definitely stressed enough about what is going on that she could be imagining things.  Can't say I blame her for being mad at Tom and Lourdes, but she does have to understand that she does sound a little crazy without any proof.  Then they showed the preview for next week with Dr. Kadar talking about alien DNA and I start to wonder if maybe she isn't imagining things.  If she isn't, then all of this is most likely a side effect of something Karen did to her in the season 2 finale.  The question is, what exactly did Karen do?  Whatever it is, it cannot be good.

I think that idea of the Liberty Tree is a great idea.  It is a memorial where the dead can be honored and it also reminds everyone of what they are fighting for.  I wonder if every stone holding the tree up had a quote on it or if the one stone they showed was an exception.  And the attack was quite the note to end on.  Hopefully, they'll pick up there next week.

Until then!