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Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Review of Falling Skies 3.05- Search and Recovery

Pope and Tom fight to survive after the crash, the search for Anne is on, Maggie gets suspicious of EvilHal, Marina starts and investigation, and an interesting prism through which to view the series comes up on Twitter....

I want to start with the last remark first.  On Twitter, @ThreeIfBySpace noted that "If season 2 was a quantum leap in character and acting for @connorjessup [Ben], Season 3 is that for @RVRocket [Matt] #FallingSkies".  If you look at it this way, then you could argue that each season is about developing one of the Mason boys.  So, Season 1 would be the season of Hal where we got a lot of insight into who he is and how he operates, Season 2 was the season of Ben where we got to see how being harnessed has affected him, and now we get to really look at how everything has affected Matt.  This is not to say that any of them stopped developing, but the emphasis is solidly on one of them.  Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Watching Tom and Pope together was very interesting.  These two have, at best, tolerated each other as a type of necessary evil.  Neither of them likes the other very much and I don't think either of them trusts the other.  But, after the crash, they have to work together in order to survive.  In the first season, Pope held Tom, Hal, and Tom's men hostage the first time they met and then Pope was the 2nd Mass' prisoner.  In the second season, Pope was the loudest voice of suspicion where Tom was concerned and Tom get control of his group.  Now, Tom took Pope's plane and it was destroyed.  None of this is conducive to a good working relationship.  I have to say that I loved it when Pope told Tom that story about his son.  I honestly thought that maybe, just maybe, they were starting to sort of bond.  Then when Pope played that prank, Tom *COMPLETELY* overreacted.  And no matter how practical Tom was in insisting that Pope leave, he did go a bit far, so I was glad when Pope came back to save him.  I honestly think that no matter how much Pope complains, he is actually happy to have people around him.  I know he enjoys fighting and killing and what not, but I do think that on some level he wants some sort of peace and quiet.

Marina was stuck as the voice of practicality and reason after Anne disappeared.  Always sucks to have to be that person because you appear to be heartless.  But, she was right.  There was no way that Charleston could afford to lose that many people to search for Anne.  I am glad that she did concede the point and allowed Porter to go out with his daughter, the Masons, and Maggie to look for Anne.  Then there was her spying on the Volm.  Again, I get that she is suspicious of the Volm, but it does look a little suspicious that she chose to spy on them.  So what exactly are the Volm building?  Also, we discovered that no other babies born recently are hybrids, so this leads me to ask if Alexis is truly the only one or if there might be more elsewhere.  Targeting Tom's baby makes sense since he is a leader (even before he was president).  Besides, the Espheni were interested in Tom even before Anne got pregnant, so this may be a way to continue to explore that curiosity while simultaneously causing problems for him.

EvilHal was good enough to past muster last week, but as soon as empathy was required, he started to fail big time.  I suspect that this has something to do with how the Espheni consider emotions a weakness.  Since displaying emotions shows that you are weak, EvilHal (as an Espheni construct) would not show them.  The problem was that Hal would most definitely show empathy for what happened and would care about what was going on.  Instead, EvilHal sits off to the side and is pretty openly contemptuous of what is going on.  When Ben was comforting Matt, EvilHal was shooting them a look that was pretty nasty.  Maggie was noticing this and she is definitely worried that something is going on.  I really hope that she puts the pieces together and finds the right answer, but given the previews for next week, I sort of doubt it.

I loved watching Ben and Matt together.  As I have said repeatedly, Matt has been forced to grow up way too quickly.  No one that young should have to be worried about whether or not they'll die alone and be buried by strangers.  I was also glad that Ben didn't lie to Matt when he was asked about the chances of rescuing Anne and Alexis.  I was also glad that Porter emphasized that hope should never be lost.  That delicate balancing act between being hopeful and realistic needs to be preserved.  Hopefully Matt will figure that out.

Finally we have the question from last week: how did the Espheni find the plane and the location of the President?  I think Tom was right to ask the question, but Pope was also right that it needed to be put off so that they could focus on staying alive.  Was it a tracking device or did the mole somehow find out about the trip and tell the Espheni?  Or was there a mole with the President?  Hopefully answers will be forthcoming.

Until next week!