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Monday, June 3, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.01- Tattoo

We're back and 4 months have passed.  The Alpha pack have shown themselves, Jackson is gone, and the gang is in the thick of things.

Let's start with the light, fun stuff and then move to the heavy stuff a little later.

Scott managed to become a junior and has become quite studious.  Loved the different ways he managed to use the word "ephemeral" in the episode.  He has also apparently worked things out with his mom, which is cool.  She is obviously worried about him, but she knows that he will do what he must, so she is trusting him.  I do hope he is able to keep the promise he made to both her and his teacher to not let the werewolf stuff interfere with his schoolwork.  And that tattoo was interesting.  That seems to be a tattoo that Tyler really has and I liked the way that they managed to work it into the character of Scott.  His love for Allison is still an open wound and the tattoo is a reminder of what he has lost and hopes to regain.

Allison apparently spent most of the summer in Paris.  Glad to see that she was able to get away from everything and that Mr. Argent has agreed to keep them out of the supernatural world.  Unfortunately, being a friend of Scott's means that she will not be able to stay out of it for long.  I wonder how Mr. Argent is going to feel about her being dragged back into the supernatural world.  I also wonder whether she will be dragged back into it kicking and screaming or if she will go back willingly.  I suspect that it will be unwillingly but without too much of a fuss, particularly if it means keeping Scott safe.  They obviously still care about each other as evidenced by the way they were interacting.  I loved the first meeting on the road.  They were both so unready to meet again, but they hung in there.  And the look on both their faces when the only place for her to sit was in front of Scott was quite amusing.

Stiles is also bearing scars from last year.  He is still goofy (and I hope that never goes away), but he has also gained a certain amount of maturity and seriousness that won't go away anytime soon.  I definitely prefer his hair the way it is.  The buzz cut was nice, but this new hairstyle seems to fit him well.  He is still also carrying a torch for Lydia.  Don't know if anything will come of it, but it is still there.

Lydia is coping with the events of last year by hooking up with random guys (and man was the one in her bed hot!) and not getting into a serious relationship.  I like that she is hanging in there.  Not sure if she will be involved in the main events, but given what that motorcycle rider did to both her and Allison, I suspect that she will be more of an unwitting pawn, much like last year with Peter.

So, who was our mystery girl?  She knows a lot about the Alpha pack as is evidenced by the way they were coming after her.  So, what exactly does the Alpha pack want with Scott?  Why is he so dangerous to them?  It may be more accurate to say why *WILL* he be so dangerous to them?  I wonder if his leadership traits evidenced over the last couple of seasons will somehow make him a more powerful werewolf.  I suspect that he will be a direct threat to Deucalion, possibly as a new potential leader of the Alpha pack.

Speaking of the Alpha pack, that is a nasty group.  We have the twins who can combine themselves into an uber-werewolf, the female, the big guy, and Deucalion himself.  I was seriously surprised when the twins were able to run fast enough to keep up with the motorcycle.  I know that werewolves are fast, but that sort of speed is downright scary.  Is it an Alpha thing?  Or is it an Alpha pack thing?  Also, how incredibly scary are these Alphas that they have all the animals around them running away or so scared that they kill themselves trying to run.  That was just freaky.

While I appreciate that Derek is trying to protect Scott and keep him out of the fight, I don't know if it was the right thing to do.  While he may not be the sharpest tool in the box, Scott is incredibly resourceful and very good at managing tense situations.  Derek doesn't seem to learn well.  He has always underestimated Scott and how useful he can be.  Deucalion seems to be counting on this and seems to want to get Derek to kill Scott to eliminate him as a threat.  Also, is Gerard working with the Alpha pack?  I believe that he was the one who said that sometimes it is best to get others to do your work for you.  Or was that Peter?  Either way, if either is working with them, it is not a good thing.

Until next week!