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Monday, June 10, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.02- Chaos Rising

Yet another reason *NOT* to follow Derek is presented, Stiles is robbed of a golden opportunity, and Alison is drawn back into the world she left behind...

Seriously people, y'all really need to stop following Derek and his half-baked ideas.  While I admire his desire to save Erica and Boyd, he really needs to learn how to stop and completely think his way through a situation instead of going off half-cocked.  I really want someone to tell me one of Derek's ideas that has turned out well.  I honestly cannot think of one.  He is a decent teacher, but he doesn't know a lot of what is going on and he doesn't think thing through clearly.  While I may not be terribly fond of Peter and his purely survivalist pragmatism, he does make some valid points.  Going into a closed bank in order to save two wolves who ran away while there is a majorly dangerous Alpha pack on the loose is so not a good idea.  Even Scott tried to point out that there had to be a reason that Boyd was left alive for three months.  Derek, however, refused to listen or consider the consequences and so got bit on the ass big time.  While it is partially Alison's fault for breaking the barrier, the barrier would not have needed to be broken if Derek hadn't convinced Scott to go with him.  I will grant that Derek is a decent strategic thinker, as a tactical leader, he blows.

Scott, on the other hand, is shaping into a decent tactician when he isn't allowing himself to be swayed by Derek.  Look at what he did last season to Gerard.  He managed to work with Dr. Deaton to foil Gerard's plan without any input from Derek.  I wonder if this type of thinking is part of the reason the Alpha pack wants him dead.  He is a good leader and can inspire those around him.  He is also incredibly moral and almost always manages to do the right thing even if it is hard.  Should he have told Alison before now what her mom was doing?  I can see perfectly valid arguments for both sides.  He wants to preserve Alison's good memories of her mom which is probably why he hasn't said anything.  But, by not saying anything, he is tacitly maligning Derek's name.  Not that Derek is a particularly good person.  As Alison pointed out, Derek turned several teenagers in an attempt to gain more power, so he is not exactly a white hat.  Scott is caught in a no-win situation here, and I am very annoyed with Derek for putting him in a corner the way he did.

Poor Stiles.  He has a chance to lose his virginity, and is interrupted first because he is lacking a condom (practically busted a gut laughing at the search scene) and then he comes back to the basement and finds the girl is gone.  That just sucks.  I also laughed really hard when the condom came flying out of his pocket in economics, particularly when the Coach congratulated him.  Like Scott, Stiles is shaping out to be a decent tactical thinker.  He is smart, knows how to find information, and asks the right questions (if a little late).  As I have said before, I admire how well he is sticking this out.  He is using pure guts and nerves to get through some tough experiences because his best friend is caught up in the madness.

Alison, Alison, Alison.  I totally get why you broke the barrier, but I am so not sure it was a smart idea.  Scott was getting majorly mauled by the transformed Boyd, so she stepped in to save him.  Good idea, but not the best.  Freeing Boyd and Derek's sister (Cora?) was not the smartest idea in the world.  However, since she had no weapons on her, I do think it was the best of a few bad options, so there it is.  She could have let Scott continue to fight and possibly die or she could have gone in and fought with a high chance of dying herself.  Which would you choose?

So is Dr. Deaton's daughter working with the Alpha pack or is she infiltrating them to find out what they are doing?  She protected Alison, but she also completed the barrier to lock Scott and Derek into the vault.  It is also possible that the Doctor and his daughter are playing another game entirely which requires them to work both sides of the street.

That scene where Isaac was dunked into the water was sort of freaky.  Surely there had to be an easier way to help him to remember.  Does hypnosis not work on werewolves?  And when Peter stabbed his claws into Isaac's head, I cringed.  That did not look like fun at all.

Watching Danny and Lydia chase the twins ought to be interesting.  :-)  Wonder if they'll actually catch them.  And what was up with Lydia screaming at the end?  Is she channeling something again?  That poor girl ought to charge rent to supernatural creatures who take up residence in her head.

Until next week!