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Monday, June 17, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.03- Fireflies

Stiles comes to a horrible realization; Scott, Derek, and Isaac team up with an unlikely ally; Allison takes matter into her own hands; and Lydia has a conclusion of her own....

The girl Stiles nearly lost his virginity to last week is in fact dead.  And she is not the only casualty.  An unnamed guy and a girl who was camping with her girlfriend are both dead too.  At first, everyone was thinking that Boyd and Cora killed them until Stiles went to examine the bodies with Mrs. McCall.  They realized that both bodies in the morgue were garroted, had their throats slashed, and had their heads bashed in.  Stiles also realized that all three were virgins and that this made them human sacrifices.  Not sure why they were sacrificed yet, but I assume that will be explained shortly.  My guess is that Deucalion is behind it given that the sacrifices coincided with the full moon and a time when Scott, Derek, and Isaac would all be occupied with Boyd and Cora.  I also wonder how (or if) the fireflies are related to this.  I could have dismissed it as a coincidence until Mr. Argent noted that California fireflies are not bioluminescent (i.e. they do not glow on their own).  Then there was the fact that they were pretty much omnipresent in the episode.  Both of these indicate that there is something seriously wrong going on.

I cannot say I was too terribly surprised that Scott thought to team up with Mr. Argent because that is something he would totally do.  Scott has always tried to work beyond just wolves to accomplish what needs to be done.  While it is not always a good idea, it is something that only Scott would do.  And this time, it ended up being invaluable.  The wolves needed Argent's help to corral Boyd and Cora.  Also, Argent uses different methods to track wolves, so that is valuable as well.  The final thing is that Argent will not kill unless it is necessary, which is something that Scott feels strongly about.  Add this all up and you get something that makes perfect sense.  I loved it when Argent activated the first sonic device and Scott, Isaac, and Derek all reacted strongly to it.  That was definitely amusing.

Allison is back in the hunting game, and this side she is firmly in Scott's camp.  She finally learned about what happened to her mom and while she was upset that Scott didn't tell her earlier, she decided to do what she could to help out.  And what timely help it was.  She managed to use her flare arrows to help stop Boyd and Cora from fleeing school grounds and get them to run into the school.  More importantly, she did not take advantage of the opportunity to attack Isaac, which is something she probably would have done in the past.  She is another great example of Scott's use of non-wolves that is paying off handsomely.

I wonder what exactly is up with Lydia.  She and Stile realized that what is happening to her is similar to what happened with Peter last year, but it is unclear if he is involved in what is happening to her now.  If he is, then my guess is that he is using her to dole out enough information to help Scott and the gang figure out what is going on.  The problem with this theory is that Peter seems to have a certain amount of contempt for Scott and his methods.  My other theory is that Deucalion is using Lydia for some unknown reason.  The problem here is how and why.  I assume that Peter could control Lydia because he attacked her at the end of the first season.  Thusfar Deucalion has not attacked Lydia, so that cannot be how he is controlling her.  It is possible that being used by Peter somehow opened her up to control by a strong enough Alpha, but there is no evidence to support that at this point.

I was impressed that Derek went into the boiler room alone to protect Ms. Blake from Cora and Boyd.  That is something that I would have expected from Scott.  However, I must admit that I suspect that he is feeling particularly guilty because he turned Boyd and Cora is his sister, therefore he may feel that it is his responsibility.  And Derek is serious about his responsibilities, so that makes lots of sense.

Until next week!