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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.04- Unleashed

Deucalion meets Scott and Derek (again?) and reveals some secrets, Scott and Isaac mix it up with the Twins, and Stiles and Lydia team up with the vet and get some info...

I have to admit that I was completely amused by how Scott and Isaac chose to get inside the Twins heads.  Taking that part off of the one motorcycle and then driving the other one down the school hallway was incredibly juvenile, but also very, very funny.  After the way the Twins got Isaac blamed for the attack, I so can't say I blame Scott and Isaac for what they did.  Also, I suspect that Scott was protecting *HIS* pack member (Lydia) from a potential threat in the form of the one twin (not sure which one is which just yet).  I don't know for sure if the Twins trapped Isaac and Alison in the janitor's closet, but I suspect that they did.  If so, then they more than deserved it, because of Isaac's past history with enclosed spaces.  As nasty as being trapped in the closet together was, I loved both Isaac's and Alison's reactions.  He is still somewhat scared of her (not that I exactly blame him!) and she is obviously not fond of him.  That being said, I do not think she will attack him again except under self-defense.  I am curious about what Scott did to Isaac.  Did his yelling Isaac's name simply snap Isaac back to reality or is Scott actually an Alpha in his own right?

So Decualion knew Derek's mom and it seems that he might have met Derek before.  I was amused by the way he disciplined the Twins after they attacked Isaac and Scott.  I don't know if he didn't want them attacked so publicly or if it was just that he didn't want them attacked.  As for that little storm, I so want to know how he caused that.  Don't tell me that it was a complete coincidence, because there is no way it was.  I was glad to get some of the little tidbits from him.  Turns out that to join the Alpha pack, you need to kill off your own pack.  If an Alpha kills off its own pack, then each member that is killed adds to the Alpha's strength.  So I wonder if that holds true for the Alpha pack as well.  If one member kills another, will their power increase proportionality?  If so, that could provide a key to defeating the Alpha pack.

I was actually glad that Derek sent Isaac away, even if the method was a little cruel.  Throwing that glass so that it shattered that close to Isaac on top of being trapped in the closet could not have been good for Isaac's mental well-being, seeing how the last thing his dad did to Isaac was to throw a glass at the wall behind him.  It was a good thing to do because Derek is obviously trying to protect Isaac from whatever is going on.  Will he be successful?  Probably not, but it is a good effort.

So glad that Stiles is investigating, even if his sense of the timing for questions sucks.  Dude, do not ask a girl if her boyfriend was a virgin right after she is done talking with the sheriff!  That being said, Stiles is putting the pieces together quickly and doing the right thing by running to the vet.  When weird things happen and you are not sure what to do, go to the vet.  Safer than going to Peter, all things considered.  So we now have two sets of triple homicides: virgins and soldiers.  I wonder if there will be a third.  These homicides are, as Stiles recognized last week, human sacrifices.  More specifically, they are Druidic in origin, albeit a twisted and dark path of Druidism (think it was called Daracha).  Not sure of its purpose yet, but I agree with Stiles that this is not the work of the werewolves, or if it is it is only a few of them.  And the last victim (the obnoxious science teacher) seemed to know the killer because he said that he had done everything that was asked of him.  That cannot be a good thing.

Until next week!