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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 1- Pilot

Gripping story of a town cut off from the world and how the situation is dealt with....

I have been looking forward to this show for several months now.  I have seen a lot of the actors involved in other shows, so I was really interested to see them together.  From the first episode, I am impressed.

First, as always with new shows, here is a quick summary of the plot.  In New England (didn't say in which state), the town of Chester Mills is mysteriously cut off from the rest of the world when an energy barrier in the shape of a massive dome surrounds the town.  When it rose, the barrier cut through living flesh, wood, and metal with equal facility.  When first touched, it gives off an electric shock and anything that hits it at a high enough velocity crumples up like an accordion.  So far we have seen a plane crash into it and a truck smash into it.  The barrier is also soundproof, making so that people who are literally inches away from each other cannot speak.

We have four visitors to the town.  One is a former member of the military nicknamed "Barbie" who was burying a man before the barrier went up.  I assume that he killed the man, but that could very easily be wrong.  Right now, Barbie is staying with the editor of the local paper (Julia), who happens to be the wife of the man he was burying.  Not exactly comfortable.  The other three are two women and their teenage daughter.  The barrier seemed to have had an interesting effect on the daughter, causing her to fall to the ground convulsing and muttering about falling stars.

Of the townspeople, the two (presumed) antagonists are a councilman and his psychotic son.  The son, Junior, has kidnapped the woman he is supposedly in love with (Angie) and has locked her in a fallout shelter (oh yeah, that is true love there!).  The councilman, Big Jim, has been stockpiling propane for some reason and is using this to strongarm the Sheriff.  Not entirely sure why the stockpiling of propane is a bad thing, but I assume we'll find out.  Joe (Angie's brother) is alone on his parent's farm and was saved by Barbie after the plane crashed into the barrier and he was nearly hit by the parts.  Like the other teenager, he too fell and had convulsions while talking about falling stars.  Before he convulsed, Joe was looking for the source of the barrier.

I am fascinated by how this story will unfold.  Obviously, the story of the why and how of the dome are important, but I think that how the people handle it is equally important.  Will they be able to pull together and work together to survive?  Or will they allow paranoia and rumours to tear them apart?  I suspect that Big Jim will use the latter (if it happens) to gather more power unto himself.  I also have to wonder why Barbie killed the doctor (if he did) and (if he didn't) why he buried him.

Until next week!