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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Review of Falling Skies 3.08- Strange Brew

Tom experiences an alternate reality, Pope and Weaver contemplate direct action, and the mole hunt continues....

Seeing Tom in that alternate/dream reality was quite interesting.  It was fun to see what our favorite characters may have been like had the invasion never happened.  Both Hal and Matt were pretty much the same.  Hal was the quintessential jock with a popular girlfriend and Matt was an average preteen.  Ben was changed fairly dramatically, but not unsurprisingly so.  In season 1, Hal mentioned that Ben was a nerd and that pretty much described him.  He wore glasses and had his nose stuck in a book.  The two biggest changes were to Weaver and Pope.  Weaver as a beggar was just flat out weird.  It is plausible because without the invasion, Weaver wouldn't have had anything else to focus on.  In that sense, the invasion was a boon to him.  Seeing Pope as a philosophy professor was almost too weird.  Granted, Pope is quite smart, but I so do not see him as a professor.  I want to know where that came from.  Anthony as the dean was a little odd, but fun.  Maggie and Lourdes as students was quite interesting.  Not sure I see Maggie as a student because she does not seem like the bookish type.  But it was not completely out there.

It was fascinating to see Tom interact with Rebecca.  We've heard about his life with her, but we've never witnessed it, so this was quite the interesting revelation.  Tom was very much the professor, concerned with his classes and teaching to the extent of promising to make Hal's games but never being able to do so.  Rebecca provided a nice counterpoint and showed why Tom and Hal had trouble establishing their relationship in the first season.  She was the balance between the two of them whereas Matt seemed much closer to Tom.  We didn't get to see enough of Ben to figure which one he was closest to, but I would guess that it was Tom by a whisker.

It was also interesting to see how Anne entered the picture as the woman who Tom was supposedly carrying on an affair with.  That definitely stretched the bounds of believability.  Tom was so devoted to Rebecca that I cannot fathom him having an affair with Anne or anyone else.  I think that is where Karen really messed up.  She was so desperate to get the information about where the humans and Volm would strike that she got sloppy.  I guess that is what happens when someone is pressed as hard as she obviously was.  And I think that it is fairly obvious that neither Anne nor Alexis are dead.  I am not sure if that was a fake made to pressure Tom or if they were actually put into stasis of some sort, but I assume we'll get an answer before the end of the season.

Pope and Weaver contemplating a coup was a little odd.  Definitely believable given the frame job that is occurring, but still a little odd.  Well, odd for Weaver anyway, not so much for Pope.  I was definitely surprised that Pope backed down as easily as he did.  Granted, Weaver did agree to cut the President out of the loop, but Pope still gave up much more quickly than I would have expected.  I do think Pope is starting to mellow out a bit and change for the better, so that is not entirely a bad thing.

I was impressed that the President would practically go on her hands and knees to Weaver to get him to support her.  She rightly pointed out that there are very good reasons to suspect that she is the mole given the fact that the events are benefitting her directly.  However, that very fact also gives people a good reason to discount her as the mole because, generally speaking, a mole would try and point suspicions to another person.  Unless, of course, the mole takes that into consideration and so throws suspicion onto him/herself in order to make him/herself into a less plausible suspect.

Well, the field is on and the clock is ticking.  Until next week!