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Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Review of Falling Skies 3.09- Journey to Xibalba

The mole's identity is revealed to everyone, Tom returns, Lourdes does some serious damage, and plans go seriously awry....

As I said last week, I do not think that Anne and Alexis are really dead.  Given the recent history of TV shows convincing the characters that someone is dead only to have them revealed to be alive, I won't believe they are dead until their cold, dead bodies are examined by a human doctor.  This is not a case of denial, but rather an acknowledgment of the fact that we never saw them unequivocally dead.  Instead we saw two vaguely human shaped figures in a casing of some sort and Karen claimed that she had Anne and Alexis killed.  Given Karen's history of mind games, I think she just wanted to destabilize Tom.  By throwing him into emotional chaos, she would undermine him personally as well as his authority among the humans.  This leads to another question, namely can we trust the intelligence that Tom brought back?  One part of me suspects that Karen let him escape in order to pass on bad information.  Another part wants to believe that what Tom said is entirely true, but it seems so good that it is hard to believe.

Lourdes did a nice job sabotaging everything this week.  She managed to bury the Volm weapon and then set off another bomb to collapse large sections of the underground area where the humans have been living.  In fact, I suspect that she would have gotten away if everything had she not messed up.  I am a little surprised that Tom didn't realize Lourdes was the mole sooner.  As soon as Lourdes said that it was sad that Anne died where things started, Tom flinched and I was sure he had put the pieces together at that point.  However, it took Anthony saying the same phrase before it really sunk in and he realized that Lourdes was the mole.

Hal is right, people are going to seriously distrust Lourdes.  By extension, I suspect that there are going to be more issues between the 2nd Mass and the rest of Charleston.  So far, Karen has been targeting members of the 2nd Mass to use as her spies: Tom, Hal, and now Lourdes.  The 2nd Mass has proved remarkably resilient and able to strike hard blows against the Espheni.  Also, it was members of the 2nd Mass who brought the Volm into the war on the humans side and thereby turned the tide of the war somewhat.  Finally, Karen knows the members of the 2nd Mass, so she knows how to hurt them the most.  If the preview is any indication, things with the Volm will take a turn for the worst and I suspect that the 2nd Mass will be turned on by the other humans.

It was definitely nice to see Hal and Maggie bond again.  While I understand why Maggie was so upset with Hal, I do think he had a good idea to get away.  People needed a chance to cool down after what happened with him.  Should he have taken Maggie with him?  Probably, yes.  However, it was a family outing and they decided not to take anyone else, so I do not think it was intended as an intentional slight.  I will grant that Maggie is not just anyone, but it is not like she and Hal are married.  I suspect that Hal also needed to be away from Maggie in order to sort through everything himself.

Matt continues to show just how damaged he is by the war.  This boy is going to have serious mother and abandonment issues.  Actually, I think he sort of does already if his conversation with Ben is any indication.  He was being extremely fatalistic in asserting that Ben alone would survive what was coming.  Can't exactly say I blame him, but he does need stability in a serious way.

Speaking of Ben, I liked the new use they found for his abilities.  His senses have been strengthened so much that he can hear people through 40 feet of rubble.  That was truly impressive.  He couldn't determine anything else, but that alone was impressive.  I do wonder why they didn't have him hauling rubble as well.  Granted, they did need his hearing ability, but his strength and stamina would have been very helpful when it came to saving people.

Next week, the season finale.  The great thing is that there is a fourth season and it will be 12 (rather than 10) episodes.