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Monday, July 1, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.05- Frayed

An hour filled with flashbacks of a battle, the death of an Alpha, and Scott being very neurotic...

So, before I look at the characters, I want to try and put the events of the hour into some semblance of order so that we can truly understand what was going on.  At some point, Scott went to the school and found one of Alison's arrows from the incident with Boyd and Cora a couple of weeks ago.  So, he goes to talk with her about it and tells her to be very scared.  She tries to take him on hand-to-hand, but he easily beats her without even coming anywhere in the ballpark of breaking a sweat.  He leaves her apartment and runs into Deucalion in the elevator.  Deucalion reveals that the Alphas live in the penthouse above where Alison lives, so Scott goes to tell Derek this.  Derek already knows because Boyd and Cora followed the Alphas back there.  Derek is convinced that if Deucalion is killed, the Alpha pack will fall apart.  Sidenote: How many times do Derek's plans have to fall apart before he realizes that he completely *SUCKS* at planning things?  Damn dude, get a fricking clue!

Ok, I'm back now.  Anyhow, both Peter and Scott are worried about the plan for different reasons.  Scott wants to see if the whole issue can be settled without resorting to the default of killing.  Scott, while I do love you, that chance has as much chance of working as does a snowball in hell.  Peter, on the other hand, is worried that by killing Deucalion, something worse will appear in his place and he refers to the myth of Hercules and the Hydra to prove his point.  The Hydra was a mythical creature in Ancient Greece.  It had several heads, and every time one head was chopped off, two more grew in its place.  Love that Scott actually knew this one!  So, despite the qualms of Scott and Peter, Derek went ahead.

At some point, Scott (accompanied by Isaac) decided to go talk with Deucalion to put his plan into action.  Unbeknownest to him, Derek, Boyd, and Cora followed him.  Deucalion was with the Alpha pack and a battle ensued.  The Twins took on Scott and Isaac, Kali took on Cora and (with the big male Alpha [bmA]) Derek.  The bmA (missed his name) also took on Boyd.  The gang looked defeated until Alison appeared (against her dad's wishes) and shot her flash bang arrows which turned the tide.  The arrows knocked out the Twins and Scott then took on the bmA.  After they hit each other and both went flying back, Scott's eyes actually glowed red (!?!?!?) for a second.  Then Derek attacked the bmA and Scott gouged out part of his calf.  Both Derek and the bmA toppled over the edge and it appeared the both died.

Later, Scott, Stiles, Boyd, Isaac, and the cross-country team were on the way to a meet.  Scott's injury was not healing, and Stiles was seriously worried.  Boyd was getting ready to attack the Twin on the bus (I can never tell them apart, but I think they said it was Aiden), but Scott stopped him.  Stiles managed to get the bus stopped (more on the later) and after a great deal of stressing, Alison managed to stitch Scott up just in time to see Isaac whaling away on the Twin.  Scott stopped him (when no one else could) and the trip continued.

Meanwhile, the Alphas took bmA to Dr. Deaton, who patched him up only to have Deucalion crush his head.  So not nice.  Derek ended up outside Ms. Blake's car, still seriously bloody.

Ok, that is a recap of an episode which did some major league jumping around.  Now, for the character stuff.

First, Scott.  I think that Lydia may have been right and Scott's biggest problem was psychosomatic.  Basically, he felt so guilty about Derek "dying" that his body wouldn't heal itself properly.  But the biggest news is that Scott most definitely has Alpha status.  Between his ability to stop Isaac cold both last week and this week, his stopping Boyd from doing something stupid, and his red eyes, he is definitely an Alpha.  What I really want to know is how on earth he managed to achieve that particular status?  The only route we know of to become an Alpha is to kill one.  But, it is apparently also possible to become an Alpha via another path.  Maybe this is what makes Scott so dangerous to the Alpha pack.  He is an Omega who has become an Alpha.  Not only is he an Alpha, but he exerts a certain amount of control over Betas from a completely different pack.  That is true power, my friends.  Then there was that look that Deucalion shot at Scott after the collision with the bmA.  That was a look of someone who is worried and does not like what is happening.  Not only is Scott an Alpha, but he has managed to align himself with both humans and hunters and incorporate both into his pack.  Add all this up and you are probably talking major-league danger to Deucalion and the other Alphas.

Derek really, really needs to stop with the plans.  They *NEVER* work and *ALWAYS* end up getting him into trouble that other people have to rescue him from.  Granted, Scott's plans aren't always the best, but at least *SOME* of his work.  I know that Scott's moral principles may be annoying (love the line from Peter about Scott and his "bland moral[s]"!) but at least he does more than just automatically go kill, crush, destroy!!  Scott warned him that Deucalion was expecting them, but Derek went anyways.  Sheesh!!!

So, Ms. Morell is Dr. Deaton's sister.  I thought they said that she was his daughter.  Or did I misremember that?  I found that particular tidbit interesting.  I still want to know why she has aligned herself with the Alpha pack.  I suspect that they are both some sort of keepers of supernatural knowledge and so they work with both sides in order to gain access to more information.  We also know that Dr. Deaton knows the hunters, so this idea is somewhat plausible.

Stiles was such welcome comic relief tonight.  Between constantly texting Danny to find out what the Twin was waiting for (so fricking amusing!) to bugging the coach to stop the bus (thought one of them was going to have a heart attack or something) to getting the poor guy to throw up (that was an evil smile on Stiles' face!), Stiles just kept the laughs coming.  Love that he and Lydia are working the whole dark Druid thing.  So are they right?  Is there a war coming between the dark Druid and the Alpha pack?  Is that why Deucalion is trying to recruit Derek and Scott?

I really like it that Alison is back and fighting.  I know she has lost a lot, but she is right, Scott and the crew are her friends and she should help if she can.  But, her father is also right.  This is *VERY* dangerous and she needs to be careful.  I so cannot blame him for wanting to stay out of this.

Oh, and Lydia, why oh why are you making out with the other Twin (Ethan?)?  Granted, uber hot, but still!

Until next week when there is chaos at the motel where the team is staying!