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Monday, July 8, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.06- Motel California

The crew is trapped at a seriously creepy motel, Lydia is hearing dead people, the wolves are going crazy, Mr. Argent is investigating what happened, Derek recovers, and someone makes a rather startling reappearance....

Let's start with Gerard, who reappears at the very end of the episode.  Unless I am very much mistaken, he is living in the same building as Alison and her dad.  In fact, her dad seems to be visiting Gerard occasionally.  Given my suspicions that Gerard is helping the Alpha pack, I don't think their living in the building is a coincidence.  With only Alison and her dad living there, I could shrug it off as a possible coincidence, but given that Deucalion seemed to quote Gerard (or maybe it was vice versa) and that Gerard is in the building this cannot be just a coincidence.  Maybe Gerard is hoping that the Alpha pack will be able to save him somehow.

Lydia is definitely a medium of some sort, presumably as a result of the bite from Peter.  I am not sure why that bite would make her a medium, but given the fact that she has been drawn to or seen/heard several dead people, it's rather obvious that she is one.  Having only seen Peter previously, I was unsure, but given the fact that she heard the couple in the other room, was vibing all over the place, saw that form in the fire, and having been drawn to the dead guy in the lifeguard chair, we have passed beyond the realm of coincidence with her.  And her smarts saved Boyd when she remembered that road flares will stay lit even in water so that she and Stiles could save Boyd.

So, who exactly put wolfsbane in the Coach's whistle?  And what exactly was the purpose?  Were Stiles and Lydia correct that the next phase of the sacrifice was three werewolves?  If so, it was unsuccessful.  Also, I doubt that this was the dark druid because otherwise the druid would have been there to kill them him/herself.  Unless, of course, the point was to have the wolfsbane act as some sort of preparation for the sacrifice, only to have the sacrifice itself be in Beacon Hills where the other sacrifices took place.  Also, there were 4 wolves on the bus, not three.  Of course, that could be in order to provide the druid with a choice of who to sacrifice.

I am assuming that the dead girl Boyd was hallucinating about was his sister.  Don't remember them ever saying, but the conversation seemed to indicate that he was supposed to be watching over her and he failed in that task somehow.  And poor Isaac once again is haunted by memories of his dad, the evil rat bastard.  I assume Ethan was hallucinating about Aidan being joined to him, so he would have to cut him out.  Talk about bad timing for that hallucination.  Just getting frisky with Danny only to have that happen.  Talk about a major mood spoiler!

In a way, Scott had it worst of all.  The guy is so haunted by guilt for supposedly being responsible for Derek's death as well as the deaths of others around him and then he hallucinates Deucalion killing his mom.  That would seriously suck.  Love the mini-speech Stiles gave him.  Those two are such brothers and they really need each other.  Scott helps give Stiles a sense of focus and meaning and Stiles helps to ground Scott and helps to keep him sane.  Glad to see that between Stiles, Lydia, and Alison they were able to keep Scott from harm.

And what is up with the motel and the almost 200 suicides?  Completely freaky.  I wonder if the motel is some sort of supernatural hot spot, or if maybe people just heard about the suicides and so come there in order to kill themselves.  We also found out that an Argent (Alison's great-uncle apparently), killed himself in room 217 of the motel after being scratched by Deucalion (if Gerard can be believed).

Well, Derek is obviously feeling better.  Well enough to have sex with Ms. Blake.  And as they make love, he heals.  I wonder if that was a coincidence (most likely not) or if somehow making a connection with someone helped the healing to occur (or maybe something else entirely!).

Next week, Dr. Deaton is kidnapped...