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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.07- Currents

A death occurs, another is narrowly averted, a secret is revealed about Scott, and Alison discovers what her dad has been hiding....

So we finally learn exactly why Deucalion is in town for Scott and why Scott's eyes have been spontaneously glowing red.  Scott is what is known as a True Alpha.  According to Dr. Deaton, a Beta will occasionally (but rarely) become an Alpha due to their strength of personality and not through stealing the ability by killing an Alpha.  Given this information, I feel safe making a few assumptions,  I am curious as to how right I am exactly.

We know that an Alpha produces a pack and can kill members of their pack to increase their own power.  We also know that a Beta can kill an Alpha in order to steal their power and become an Alpha themselves.  Presumably, if a Beta steals an Alpha's power, that power becomes somewhat diluted or loses some of its potency as a result of being passed along.  Therefore, if all other factors remain constant, as the power is passed from one Alpha to another, the power grows weaker and weaker.  A True Alpha, on the other hand, would be the start of a new line of Alphas and therefore have undiluted and more potent power.  If my conjecture is correct, this would explain why Deucalion and the Alpha pack are wary of Scott and are after him.  Since his power is (presumably) purer than Derek's is, he would prove to be more dangerous to them.  This fits in with previous thoughts I had, albeit with a lot more detail given tonight's revelation.

Danny has placed himself squarely in the sights of the druid with a class project he was doing for Mr. Harris.  Danny was mapping geomagnetic currents for the project and it appears that the druid is drawing upon these currents since the sacrifices are lining up with the currents.  So, the druid apparently decided to try and kill him.  What the druid did not count on was Danny being with Ethan at the time and Ethan getting him to the hospital.  Nice to see Ms. McCall again and she made a good save.  I also found Ethan's talk with Scott illuminating.  Apparently the Twins were told to get close to Lydia and Danny because they were close to Scott, but for some reason Lydia is now more important.  I think I may have missed something there.

Speaking of the druid, he (I'll go with "he" for now; if it is a female, I'll change the pronoun) is after healer's.  He killed two ER doctors and went after Dr. Deaton, who was saved by Sheriff Stilinski after Scott could not reach him because he was surrounded by mountain ash.  That is a nasty way to kill someone.  Ms. McCall was absolutely correct, someone who is suspended like that ends up suffocating.  What happens is that as the body sags, it reduces the amount of space the lungs have to expand which cause the person hanging to eventually suffocate.  The person may be able to buy some time if they can lift up their body sufficiently, but eventually they will be unable to do so because they will be too tired.  This is why, in Roman times, crucifixion was saved for the worst criminals.  In fact, Roman citizens could not be executed in this manner due to how bad it was.

Boyd is dead, but I can't muster up much sadness.  Sorry, but he was never a majorly loved character for me.  Now, if it had been Isaac or Danny, I would definitely be much sadder.  I am trying to figure out the flashback to Erica dying.  Not sure why exactly they were significant, unless it was to muster up some sympathy for Boyd's passing.  I am concerned about what this means for Derek.  Will he become a member of the Alpha pack?  I wonder this because he did not kill Boyd willingly, but instead was forced to do so by the Twins.  I will say that, at this point, I wouldn't exactly mourn Derek's death.  The guy really needs to get his head screwed on straight and figure out what he is going to do.

Alison now knows about Gerard.  Not exactly sure how she figured it out, but I am interested to see what she learns.  She also knows that her dad has been tracking the dead bodies and can predict where new ones will turn up.  I was highly, highly amused by the closet scene with her and Scott, particularly when things...umm...came to a head (so to speak).  That was really funny.  Sophomoric, but funny.

Until next week!