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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.08- Visionary

An episode of flashbacks that fills in a lot of blanks about Derek, Deucalion, the Alpha pack, Gerard, and the druids' relationship to what is going on....

This episode was a series of flashbacks told by two of the series' most untrustworthy characters: Gerard and Peter.  Peter told Stiles and Cora about Derek's path and why he is the way he is and Gerard told Scott and Alison about how Deucalion came to be the way he is.  Given the fact that both Peter and Gerard can be *VERY* untrustworthy, I think we should take what they say with a grain of salt, unless it is verified elsewhere.  This is particularly true of Gerard, which makes me very grateful that Scott threatened him in the most unsubtle and un-Scottlike way possible.

Let's start with Derek, who was the focus of most of the story this week.  Derek's mother was not only a werewolf, but a shapeshifter.  That is, she not only transformed the way most werewolves do, but she could also transform into a full wolf.  Given the recounting of the story of Lycaon (go here for more info), I have some thoughts about the different types of werewolves.  We know that there are families where werewolves are naturally occurring (i.e. the Hales).  We also know that (in the Teen Wolf universe) Lycaon and his family learned how to shift between their wolf and human forms thanks to the druids.  This would imply that the families where werewolves occur naturally are descended from Lycaon.  So would that make the Hales a royal family of sorts?  The other interesting thing is that Derek's eyes did (briefly) glow yellow.  Given the fact that Peter described him as being very much like Scott, does this mean that Derek should have been a True Alpha?

Derek fell in love with a girl who was bitten by Ennis at the behest of Peter, hoping to transform her into a werewolf and because Peter persuaded Derek that this was the only way that the two of them could stay together.  Unfortunately, the bite did not take and Derek killed (according to Peter) the girl presumably to prevent more pain.  I think that we can trust this because we have seen Derek's eyes and because there was the flashback with his mom.  However, that flashback was ambiguous.  Derek merely said that he had done something awful, which could mean that he allowed Peter to kill her or he was regretting the choice to allow her to be bitten.  Or it could be something else entirely (see below).  I'm with Stiles here, we need to get Derek's side of the story.  This story does explain Derek's drive to save everyone regardless of cost.  He is still haunted by this girl who he loved and he is looking to assuage his guilt in any way possible.

Turns out that Deaton and his sister are druids.  In the Teen Wolf universe (maybe elsewhere, but I think not), the druids not only showed Lycaon how to shift, but they also act as advisers to wolfpacks.  This would explain why Deaton and his sister know so much.  Deaton was the adviser to the Hales and his sister is the adviser to the Alpha pack.  What this doesn't explain is how Gerard knows Deaton so well.  I would assume that they crossed paths as Gerard was hunting wolves, but it would be nice to know for sure.

We also discovered that Gerard has always been a monster with a thing for cutting wolves in half.  I had assumed (based on the events of last season) that he was changed by Kate's death, but boy was I wrong.  After Gerard and his hunters killed a member of Ennis' pack in retaliation for the death of a hunter, Deucalion tried to negotiate a truce, only to have Gerard betray the wolves, slaughter most of them, and then blind Deucalion.  I would assume that this is the reason (or one of the primary reasons anyway) for the formation of the Alpha pack.  By gathering together the most dangerous and powerful Alphas, Deucalion would have a force capable of stopping the hunters or worse.

I must say that I was surprised to see the softer and more diplomatic Deucalion.  After everything we have seen about him, I was very surprised that he was once that way.  I also have to admit to being fairly sympathetic to him now.  Not that I approve of what he is doing, but his reasons are eminently clear.  Gerard showed Deucalion that hunters could not be trusted, so the wolves have to band together in order to survive.  That was a heavy price to pay for that revelation.

Above, I mentioned that there was another possibility for why Derek felt guilty.  Peter claims that the girl died in Derek's arms.  Now, we know that the werewolf bite is supposed to kill you or transform you into a wolf.  However, we also know that there is a third possibility- becoming a seer like Lydia.  I wonder if it is possible that Derek told Peter that the girl died, but that she actually survived and is the dark druid.  If he saw something weird about her after she survived, maybe he feels guilty about not reporting it or something.  Maybe that is a bit farfetched, but it is possible.

Until next week!