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Monday, July 29, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.09- The Girl Who Knew Too Much

The identity of the Dark Druid (can never remember the word!) is revealed, Stiles has a long overdue conversation with his dad, we find out what Lydia is, we find out why Deucalion is after Scott so badly, and Alison fears the worst about her dad....

Ms. Blake is the Dark Druid.  I shouldn't be surprised, but I was.  Like last season with Matt, the new recurring character seems to be the bad guy of the season.  She is sacrificing 5 sets of three people: Virgins, Guardians, Philosophers, Healers, and Leaders.  Turns out that she was attacked about 5 years ago and rescued by Sheriff Stilinski at the time.  Now she seems to be trying to protect herself from the Alpha pack because they were the ones who attacked her.  She also kidnapped Lydia once she figured out that Lydia was able to get an idea about what was going on.  After Scott attacked her, she escaped and kidnapped Sheriff Stilinski.

So Lydia is a banshee, or as Ms. Blake called her, the Wailing Woman.  I am not sure how this relates to her knowing about the dead bodies, but somehow it does.  Given the fact that she apparently became the Wailing Woman after Peter bit her, I have to wonder if the Wailing Woman is like the Kanima, in other words, reflective of the person inside.  If so, will Lydia become a werewolf?  Or did her body reject the bite and she became the Wailing Woman as a result?  And when she wails, she wails!  She was able to force every werewolf at the concert to cover their ears and even Derek heard her while he was at the hospital with Cora.  I am so looking forward to an explanation about this soon.

Sheriff Stilinski knows the truth.  He doesn't believe it, but he knows it all the same.  I feel sorry for poor Stiles.  He has been wanting to tell his dad for some time, if only for his dad's protection, but when he finally does tell his dad, his dad does not believe him.  Fortunately, the Sheriff is smart enough to realize that weird things are going on and so he continues to investigate.  He did a decent job protecting Lydia and he saw Scott fully wolfed out.  I just hope he lives long enough to come to terms with what Stiles revealed to him.

Speaking of Scott, he had a nice talk with Deaton's sister.  She told him that Deucalion is desperate to have a True Alpha in his pack, presumably because he thinks that a True Alpha will make the pack even stronger.  If he can't get Scott to join his pack, he'll turn Scott into a killer, thus destroying the possibility of Scott fulfilling his potential as a True Alpha.  Scott is determined to not allow either to happen, but (as was noted) he is playing Deucalion's game and Deucalion has thought out several moves ahead.  Scott needs to do to Deucalion what he did to Gerard last year, come up with an unexpected move that will change the nature of the game.  And Scott can do it if he puts his mind to it.

I so wanted to smack Cora around.  First, attacking Aiden was an incredibly stupid idea.  A Beta does not stand a chance against an Alpha, particularly an Alpha who is a member of the Alpha pack.  Second, like her brother, she does with the first idea in her head without bothering to plan things out.  She was just after revenge, which never ends well.  While Scott's methods may not be perfect, they are the best shot there is.  Derek's plans always go awry whereas Scott's only do so sometimes.  Also, Scott and his pack are closer to figuring out what is going on, which is vital to winning.  Once they understand the nature of the game, they can figure out how to change the rules to allow them a better chance.

Alison thought her dad was the Dark Druid.  Not entirely unreasonable, but not the smartest idea either.  She took the evidence and leapt to the wrong conclusion.  I have no doubt that the fact that her dad was hiding Gerard played no small role in her thought process.  Fortunately, her dad is not the Dark Druid so she doesn't have to do anything to him.  I do have to say that I love her and Isaac together.  Isaac is warily respectful of her and her abilities, not to mention Scott's feelings for her, which makes him a good bodyguard (not that she really needs it!).  Poor guy seems to end up with her knife or arrow at his throat a lot though!

We also got some background on Aiden and Ethan.  Turns out that they were Omegas in their own pack.  Or as Stiles put it, they were the bitches of the pack.  Deucalion found them, taught them how to use their ability to come together, and got them to kill their entire pack.  I assume that they killed their Alpha in their merged form which made them both Alphas.  Either that or the link between them that alerted Ethan to the fact that Aiden was hurt caused them both to become Alphas.  Oh, and there is a definite hierarchy in the Alpha pack with Kali and Deucalion above the Twins.

Until next week!