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Monday, July 1, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 2- The Fire

Panic really starts to set in, we learn why Barbie is in Chester's Mill and what happened to Peter, Joe investigates the dome, Julia finds out some startling information, Junior continues to be crazy, Big Jim and the local pastor talk, and there's a minor fire....

So, Barbie's real name is Dale Barbara and he was in Chester's Mill to collect money from Peter.  He threatened Peter, who then pulled out a gun.  Barbie pulled out his gun and in the struggle, Peter was shot and killed.  So, Barbie buried him and then went to hightail it out of town.  All in all, not a bad plan.  Only problem is that the barrier arose at that point.  So, now Barbie has to worry about Julia finding out his secret and whether or not Junior will attack him.  I liked that Barbie is a natural leader and keeps cool in a crisis.  Granted, his idea about putting out the fire didn't work, but it wasn't a bad one.  Problem is that the amount of water in the town is limited and all the firefighters are outside the dome, so they need to rely on buckets to control the fires.  Unless, of course, you happen to have a loader handy like Big Jim did.  Then, it is best to just knock down the house and smother the fire.

Speaking of Junior, that dude is seriously slipping off the rails.  He is obsessed with Angie and is convinced that the dome scrambled her brain and made her breakup with him.  Never mind that she broke up with him *BEFORE* the dome went up (from what I remember).  This guy is extremely dangerous and unbalanced.  Someone really needs to take care of him before he completely cracks.

Joe has a good idea.  He is investigating to dome to try and figure out what it is and if it can be shut off.  He has already figured out that it is about 10 mile across and that it is semi-permeable.  Also, he apparently cannot remember the seizure that he had last week.  Loved the look that he and Norrie exchanged.  Is that a romance a-brewing?

So, what exactly is up with Big Jim and the pastor?  They were bringing in propane to produce something that makes people high and was supposed to save the town.  My initial thought was that they are growing marijuana, but if the pastor had been smoking weed, Deputy Esquivel probably would have noticed.  So, it is probably something else.  May I just also note that sending someone who is high to ransack a house is not the brightest idea in the world?  Then again, given the fact that Big Jim needed to be out and about and that someone needed to get the documents out of Duke's house before Esquivel got there, Big Jim didn't have much choice in the matter.

Julia got to the radio station and managed to find out that it is a dome over Chester's Mill.  She then promptly shared this information with everyone.  Was it the best idea?  I am not sure.  Withholding the information to avoid a panic was a smart move.  I am not sure how knowing that it is a dome is supposed to be helpful, but whatever.  What was more pertinent is that Julia discovered that the Army did not raise the barrier, or at least not to the knowledge of the soldiers outside the dome.  Hope that is very accurate.

That deputy needed to seriously take a chill pill. First he panics and starts hording assault weapons.  Then, he announces to everyone that they are doomed, and then he shoots the dome and manages to kill another deputy with a ricochet.  This is why we withhold information from people.  Idiots like him panic all too easily and do incredibly stupid things.

Next week, a threat arises from within...