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Monday, July 8, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 3- Manhunt

Junior lies to Julia and Big Jim, Barbie lies to Julia, Norrie lies to Joe, Angie lies to Junior, and Ben tells everyone the truth (although Joe wishes he hadn't).  Also, there's a manhunt (as if you couldn't have guessed that one!)....

Well, the deputy who went psycho last week is now dead courtesy of the new sheriff, Linda Esquivel.  After she locked him up and (stupidly) fell for his (obviously) fake stomach pain, he locked her up and then ran.  Fortunately for then-deputy Esquivel, Big Jim got her out and hunted the deputy down, only to have Esquivel shoot the deputy in order to save Big Jim's life.  Congrats, Esquivel.

Lies were the theme of the evening, as noted above.  In Barbie's case, it was not an outright lie, but rather a lie of omission (at first anyway).  He didn't want to explain what happened with Junior for some reason, and in hiding that has raised Julia's suspicions when he said that he had no connection to anyone in the town.  I think that Julia suspects some sort of connection with Junior which would (in her mind) explain why Barbie beat Junior.  The only problem is that Junior outright lied to Julia about what happened.  He claims that he did nothing, when he actually attacked Barbie previously and then pulled a gun on him.  So now Junior has Big Jim keeping an eye on Barbie too.

Speaking of Junior, he is getting everyone (except Angie and Barbie) to underestimate him.  Big Jim sees him as a weakling and Julia seems to see him only as Big Jim's son.  This is going to be dangerous for people.  Junior is obviously dangerous and unbalanced which will make him *VERY* unpredictable at some point.  He is also so desperate to get his dad's approval and to get Angie that he was willing to be lost in the tunnels under the town in order to find a way out.  Only problem?  The dome extends down there too.  Which make me wonder if this is a dome or more of a bubble or sphere.

I so wanted to smack those two guys in the diner.  Those comments to Carolyn were completely unnecessary, particularly under the circumstances.  Thank goodness Rose (I think that is who she is!) was there to help Carolyn out.  So I can't say I was entirely unhappy when the deputy shot the one in the leg.  And speaking of Carolyn, I was a little surprised that Norrie lied to Joe about her moms.  I suspect that she didn't want to reveal that she was going to the reform school and that she didn't want to risk having Joe dislike her or something.  So, there was a slightly awkward moment when Carolyn came into Joe's house.

I am assuming that the fact that Joe and Norrie suffered the seizures after they touched hands is not a coincidence.  I still want to know why they are having seizures.  If it were just Joe, I would suspect that the electrical charge in the dome caused his brain to malfunction.  But, unless I am remembering incorrectly, Norrie never touched the dome, so that is pretty much out.  Also, other people have touched the dome and not suffered from seizures.

I can't believe the Ben told everyone that Joe had a generator.  He had to know that people would crowd Joe's house.  While he may have had good intentions, it was still a bad idea.  And that Carter is a douche of epic proportions.  First making obvious references to having slept with Angie, then trying to drag Norrie off, and then insisting that he was going up to Angie's room.  Yeah, real nice guy there.

It looks like Angie is going to try and escape again.  While helping patch Junior up, she took a pair of scissors out of the first aid kit, presumably to pick the lock of the handcuffs and escape.  Will it work?  Hopefully, but somehow I doubt it.  I do wonder how she'll get out though.

Until next week!