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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 4- Outbreak

The town is hit by an outbreak, Julia gets some truth out of Barbie, Junior manages to pull the wool over people's eyes, Big Jim finds Angie, and Joe gets some new roommates...

Well, this week the town had to deal with an outbreak of meningitis.  Not a good thing to deal with, particularly with the town's doctors gone and the medicine supply dwindling.  Luckily, Alice (who was in to get her daughter and Joe looked at) is a psychiatrist and could help out.  We also discovered that Alice is running low on insulin, but that she refuses to allow her wife to steal insulin from the hospital.  High minded, sure, but is that really the best way to go?

Joe and Norrie had another seizure tonight when they touched hands.  Luckily, they taped it and we got a somewhat creepy sight.  During the seizures, they said the lines about pink stars falling in lines; but in the middle of the seizure, Joe sat up, faced the camera, put his finger to his lips, and said "Sssshhh..."  Yeah, that was definitely creepy.  What was weirder was the Joe immediately chalked this up to the dome wanting him to keep quiet about the seizures, so he and Norrie did so.  I want to know why people are anthropomorphizing the dome.  I can think of a couple of options here.  First, the dome is somehow allowing someone to communicate with people.  Second, people are simply panicked and looking to rationalize things that are happening somehow.  Third, people are slowly going insane and losing touch with reality.  None of these are particularly pleasant thoughts.

I cannot believe that Linda made Junior a cop.  Granted, he was somewhat useful at the hospital, but he did have a hand in creating the panic.  Rather than subtly locking the door and telling people that they couldn't leave because they risked infecting the town, he went in and announced (shotgun in hand) that no one could leave.  This guy is seriously unbalanced, and giving him power is probably going to be like throwing gasoline onto a fire.  Not good.

Thank goodness Big Jim found out about Angie.  I just wonder if he is planning on freeing her now or if he'll keep her locked up in order to protect Junior.  I honestly think that both possibilities are equally likely.  I am sincerely hoping that he'll find a way to free Angie, but I am afraid that if he does, Junior will do something precipitous as a result.  But, if he continues to hold Angie, then he will be breaking the law himself.  Nope, neither option is particularly good.

Julia has kicked Barbie out of her house because he was connected with the disappearance of her husband.  Granted, she doesn't know that her husband is dead, but she was mad enough at Barbie to tell him to leave.  Was it the right thing to do?  That is a hard call.  Granted, Barbie lied and is connected with her missing husband, but having him around could not hurt, particularly since he can protect her if things turn ugly.  Heck, maybe she can protect herself, but thus far we have seen no evidence that she knows self-defense.

So, Alice, Carolyn, and Norrie are moving in with Joe.  It'll be nice for him to have the company.  Also, he and Norrie appear to be hitting it off splendidly, so that should be interesting.

Then there is the crazy preacher who thinks that the meningitis is a punishment from God and that the people who got sick were supposed to die.  Because Big Jim stopped him from destroying the medicine, he has chosen to give Big Jim his money from the propane and washed his hands of the situation.  I still want to know what is up with the propane....

Until next week....