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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 5- Blue on Blue

The government takes extreme action in the face of a new discovery about the dome, Reverend Crazy goes even further off the rails, the townspeople get visitors, and Joe and Norrie are a cute couple....

Let's start with the last comment.  Joe and Norrie aren't an official couple (I don't think they are anyway!) but they are definitely taking strides in that direction.  They are relying on each other for advice and shoulders to lean on, and they actually kissed.  Not the most passionate kiss ever, but still.  Loved the line from Joe about having an underage girl and a lesbian couple as roommates and how his parents might react.  That was giggle worthy.  I do want to know why there were no seizures this week when they kissed and touched on several occasions.

Continuing on the Norrie track, we got the obligatory drama filled revelation for her.  Turns out that her mom (Alice) knew her biological father (exact relationship unclear) and he was not (as she had been told) an anonymous sperm donor.  I have to say that this felt like a totally unnecessary storyline meant solely to increase the drama level.  It may prove to be important, but I am not quite seeing how yet.

The main story tonight was the fact that the government decided to drop a MOAB bomb [it is a bomb, not a missile!(see here)] on the dome.  Turns out that the dome is screwing with the magnetic fields and so the government decided to shred the shield.  Although they didn't say it, I think it is safe to assume that this would mess with aircraft navigation, compasses (which rely on magnetic fields to work), boat navigation, and possibly GPS (depending on the extent of the effects).  The step was extreme, but I do think it was understandable.  I do wonder how far reaching the effects are.  I also suspect that China's thinking that the dome was a weapon of some sort was a definite factor in the decision to drop the bomb, by pressure if nothing else.

Allowing family and friends to visit the dome was a smart move akin to the last meal/visit for a condemned visitor, which is what the resident's of Chester's Mill are (more or less).  It also gave Barbie the chance to figure out what was going on thanks to some help from Dodee and thereby get back into Julia's good graces.  It also gave Linda the opportunity Rusty what happened to Freddy, so it was not all bad.  Unfortunately, it also gave us the aforementioned visit from Norrie's biological father, of which we shall speak no more.

Seeing Big Jim wrestle with what to do with Angie was interesting.  He wants to be proud of Junior, but at the same time he doesn't want to continue to hold Angie.  Don't think that was out of any particular sense of guilt, but more because of what it could do to him and his image (I could be wrong though).  I cannot say that I was surprised that Junior went to Joe's house to find Angie.  While I get why she ran there, it was not a smart move.  It would have been better for her to find someone to help her find Joe first.  And cradling Junior in her lap was pretty stupid because it will probably serve to cement the "romance" in his mind.  Sigh....

So long to Reverend Crazy.  After thinking that God was talking to him, he insisted that the people of Chester's Mill had to repent in order to be saved.  He then proceeded to bug the bejeesus out of Big Jim and insist that Big Jim confess to the drug dealings, or else the Reverend would expose him.  So, Big Jim holds his head (the side with the hearing aid) up to the dome which kills him.  Not entirely sure if I'll miss him.

Until next week!

Understanding is a three-edged sword, your side, my side, and the Truth.
-Ambassador Kosh Naranek, Babylon 5