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Monday, July 29, 2013

My Review of Under the Dome Episode 6- The Endless Thirst

We finally start getting some answers about the nature of the dome, Angie and Big Jim seem to come to an understanding, the town panics over supplies, and Julia and Doody investigate a mysterious event....

The seizures that Joe and Norrie are having are sort of explained.  Turns out that the two of them are somehow helping to power the dome.  Why them?  That is not answered yet, but when Julia and Doody were looking for a power source that was causing jamming and seemed to be linked to the dome, it led them to Joe and Norrie.  It seems that last week, when they kissed, it somehow got the dome to strengthen itself to protect the town from the missile.  And this week when they were running out of water, the dome became a self-contained biosphere complete with a precipitation cycle.  Which leads me to wonder if somehow Norrie's not wanting to go to camp caused the dome to go up in the first place.  If that is true, I don't know how Joe got dragged into it because the two of them hadn't met yet.

I am glad that Julia persuaded Doody (I so hope I am spelling her name properly!) to keep the connection between Joe, Norrie, and the dome a secret.  Given the events of this week, the townspeople can't be trusted with the information.  Chester's Mill is a powder keg and if word got out that these two were connected to the dome, they would be attacked very quickly out of fear or in the hope that doing so would cause the dome to come down.  While I can sympathize with Doody wanting to tell the townspeople, doing so would be a horrible idea.  I would trust only Barbie with the information since he seems to have the best grip on what is going on.

Unless, of course, you attack him because then his instincts and training take over and he becomes deadly.  Barbie is a good man in a storm.  He doesn't have the faith that Linda has in the townspeople, but he is also less willing to voluntarily do damage if he can avoid it.  I think that if he were told about Joe and Norrie, he would do what he could to protect them, particularly since he is already fairly fond of Joe.

While I cannot wholly approve of what Norrie was doing, it was completely understandable.  Her mom was dying because she needed insulin, so Norrie went out to help her mom.  Breaking into people's homes was not the best idea, but it was not a horrible one either.  I was particularly proud of the fact that she put most of the insulin back for the young boy while taking a vial to help her mom out.  And she was freaked out by Julia's speculation about her and Joe's link to the dome.

It was nice to see Big Jim and Angie (seemingly) come to an agreement.  Big Jim decided that he would keep Junior away from Angie and would ensure that Angie and Joe got what they need.  While he didn't say so (or if he did I missed it!), I suspect that he would want Angie to keep quiet about Junior in return.  I think this would be a good deal.  My only hesitation is that Junior is not completely together and if people don't know how dangerous he could be, than it could be bad.  But overall, I do think it is a good thing.

The townspeople lost themselves to fear and panic.  Again, can't say I blame them, but I wish they hadn't.  Between the missile attack, the water tower losing the water, and the lake being undrinkable, things were bound to get bad.  Looting, however, is never the answer.  The entire town went all Lord of the Flies and turned it into a free-for-all.  The town does need to adapt to the new reality, but they need to do so in a somewhat orderly fashion.  Is Big Jim the best leader?  No, but he is not all bad.  Corrupt?  Yes, but he does seem to want what is best for the town, which is more than I can say for some, including that farmer.  I understand that he needs the propane, but it is completely wrong to hold the entire town hostage the way he is.

Next week, more answers and revelations....