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Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Review of Falling Skies 3.10- Brazil

Have to admit that this was definitely a lackluster finale.  Gave us some food for thought, but after the first two finales, this one was disappointing....

On a good note, Karen is dead after being shot (in the head, I think) by Maggie 2 or 3 times.  As much as I enjoyed her as a villain, I can't say that I am going to miss her.  She was good for head games, but not much else.  What I found interesting about this is that Hal seemed so shocked and dismayed at what Maggie did.  I honestly expected Hal to do it himself.  Karen has caused them so much pain and damage, so I really thought he would welcome the chance to be rid of her.  Instead, he seemed disappointed and upset with Maggie for taking Karen out.  While it may not have been the most moral choice, I do believe very strongly that it was the right choice.

As expected, Anne and Alexis are alive.  Alexis now has the physical body of a 6 year old girl.  This cannot be a good thing.  I cannot think of a person who has aged quickly on a TV show who has ended up as a good person.  Well, not without some serious issues along the way.  I did find it interesting that Alexis managed to extract the worms from Lourdes and then crush them into a fine powder.  I wonder if that has to do with her Espheni DNA.  Given how humans have reacted to the deharnessed kids, I suspect that Alexis will be greeted with less than open arms.

And now for the main story of the night.  The Volm, after taking down the defensive grid, landed a massive ship on Boston (yes, I do mean *ON*) and then told the humans that they would be gathered together and taken to Brazil to stay out of the way for the remainder of the war.  The 2nd Mass is; not surprisingly; less than excited with this plan.  The Volm apparently do this on every planet that they liberate, so they were genuinely confused by the humans' reaction to their announcement.

I will say that I think the humans were *WAY* overreacting to the news.  While I understand why they do not want to sit out the war, I also think that there is a *HUGE* difference between the Volm's plan and the Espheni's invasion.  The Espheni came down and wiped people out whereas the Volm (seemingly) just want to protect the native population from having to fight the Espheni.  The words being tossed around by the humans were provocative, to say the least.  They were talking about the Volm putting them in concentration camps and acting like the Volm came as conquerors.  But notice that once Tom sat down with the Volm leader (who is Cochise's dad!) and talked, progress was made.  The Volm made the decision to let the humans go and not relocate them.

I think the major problem with the Volm was their approach.  If they had said that they would relocate civilians and anyone who wished to go while allowing the rest of the humans to fight, it would have been received much better.  By presenting it as fait accompli with no input from the humans, they immediately raised the humans' hackles and put them on the defensive, which is never a good thing.  The idea is understandable and even laudable on some level.  Another problem with the Volm is that they appear to be very strict followers of protocol and orders with little to no room for independent thoughts.  Humans do not operate on this level for the most part, particularly humans who are fighting for their very survival.  Letting the humans go to fight on their own was a smart idea.  I just wish that the General (I am not even going to try and type his name!) had made it clear to the humans that this whole thing was with his agreement.

Next season is shaping up to be a three-way battle of sorts.  The Espheni are in retreat and under attack by the Volm, who are going to be distrusted by the humans.  While I do not think that the humans will attack the Volm, they are on the road again, so there will probably be some conflicts.  I do hope that they bring back the US government that was touched on this season to see how things work with them.

Until next summer!