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Monday, August 5, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.10- Overlooked

In the midst of a bad storm, the Alpha pack and the gang face off in the hospital.  Derek, Stiles, and Peter find out about Scott; Ms. McCall rocks the house down; and Stiles realizes just who the "guardians" are....

Turns out that Ms. Blake was the advisor for Kali's pack.  When Kali killed her pack in order to join the Alpha pack, she attacked Ms. Blake (different name then) and left her for dead.  Unfortunately, Kali left Ms. Blake near the tree where Derek killed the girl he loved.  When Derek killed (i.e. sacrificed) her, she was a virgin and her blood gave the tree a certain amount of power.  Ms. Blake used the power to keep herself alive long enough for someone to find and rescue her.  Now she is killing people in order to gain their power so that she can destroy the Alpha pack.  Good thing?  Or not?  I am inclined towards not myself, but I could be wrong.  Ok, not so much.

The big problem is that she now has at least 2 guardians, who are apparently the final thing she needs to gain the power she needs to destroy the Alpha pack.  In this case, guardians are not people who guard or protect others, but rather parents.  By kidnapping Sheriff Stilinski last week, she got her first guardian.  This week, she kidnapped Ms. McCall which gave her the second guardian.  This also put Scott in a *VERY* untenable position.  If he rebuffs Deucalion again, he runs the risk of his mom and Stiles' dad both dying.  However, if he does accept what Deucalion wants, there is the very strong possibility that he will kill his friends.  Considering his options, Scott has decided to align himself (at least temporarily) with Deucalion.  I really hope he knows what he is doing, because I strongly suspect that given his status as a potential True Alpha, Deucalion is not going to let him slip away easily.

Derek, Peter, and Stiles all discovered about Scott's unique role as a True Alpha after Ms. Blake revealed it to them.  Peter seemed vaguely impressed and Derek seemed a little shocked.  I do hope this doesn't set up some sort of competitive side in Derek, because that is the last thing they need.  As I have said repeatedly, Scott is a *MUCH* better leader than either Derek or Peter.  Peter is too self-centered to be a good leader and Derek is too impulsive and does not think things through clearly.  The problem is that Derek's pack has already been weakened considerably and Isaac is virtually a member of Scott's pack already, so it may be time for Derek to face reality.

Ms. McCall showed real grace under pressure tonight.  First, she took charge of the hospital and made sure that people were being taken care of as they were being moved to a new hospital.  Then, when she met Deucalion, she recognized who he was and went with him quietly to avoid any problems.  She was definitely respectful of him as a more powerful being, but she did not seem cowed by him, which is impressive.  Then, when Scott was fighting the Twins, she shocked them in their conjoined state, thereby causing them to split.  She also got the power back on.  All in all, an impressive week for her.  The only thing marring it was that she got kidnapped, but somehow I do not think that was her fault.

Stiles was suffering from a major crisis in confidence this week.  He has grown used to helping Scott come up with a plan to save everyone, but there is not really much he can do in the face of the Alpha pack and Ms. Blake.  People around him are being hurt and dying, and Cora's words from last week are haunting him.  What Stiles has to realize is that he is a vital part of Scott's pack.  While he might not be a good fighter or anything, he helps Scott stay grounded and on the right path.  He also is smart enough to figure things out so that Scott can take action.  The problem this year is that both Ms. Blake and Deucalion have been planning their steps for a long time, which means that they have plans within plans, so that the disruption of one part of their plan does not destroy the entire thing.  That makes them an incredibly dangerous enemy.

The coordinated attack on Kali and the Twins at the end of the episode was impressive and shows how Scott's pack can overcome the Alphas.  By bringing together werewolves, hunters, and a human (throw in the Wailing Woman too!), Scott has amassed an impressive show of strength and different strategies that may ultimately give him the edge he needs to get through this.  He just needs to figure out how to use them properly and at the right time.

Until next week!