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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Review of Teen Wolf 3.11- Alpha Pact

Scott, Alison, Stiles, Mr. Argent, and Derek all make major decisions; a new character is introduced with major ties to two other characters; Lydia finds an interesting way to help Stiles; a new relationship appears to be forming; and a showdown is prepared for.

Mr. McCall is an FBI agent.  That was unexpected.  When he first appeared in the episode, I was wondering if maybe I had forgotten a character who had appeared previously.  There was obviously bad blood between him and Stile because Stiles was snarky, and not in his normal funny way.  Rather, it was a rude and mean way.  Amusing, sure, but out of character until Stiles mentioned that he was Scott's dad and then everything made sense.  He left Scott and his mom which caused Stiles and his dad to be extremely unfond of him.  It is pretty obvious that he still cares about Scott (and maybe his mom too) given the look on his face when he was in Scott's room.  I definitely look forward to seeing more of him.

Derek has chosen to sacrifice his Alpha abilities in order to cure Cora.  I am not surprised really.  He is (understandably) being very hard on himself about what happened to her and is willing to do anything to cure her, even if it means that he will die (now or at Kali's claws later).  Whether or not this is a good idea is up for debate.  I totally understand and applaud the decision, but I do wonder if it was the best one because it does leave him at a distinct disadvantage should he fight Kali.  Then again, if he is no longer an Alpha, he may no longer be of interest to her.  Please note the word "may" there.  The fact that he was a True Alpha may still cause her or Deucalion to be interested in him, so no guarantees on that front.

I was shocked that Mr. Argent chose to let Ms. Blake kidnap him.  While it may make a weird sort of sense, it does weaken Scott's pack during the upcoming fight.  As I've noted before, the power of Scott's pack is that it is a diverse group of people and werewolves each of whom have unique abilities that contribute to a fight in different ways.  Granted, being kidnapped led him directly to Sheriff Stilinski and Ms. McCall which enabled him to activate the ultrasonic beacon in order to draw the wolves to him, but still, it did not seem like the best idea.  I will say that he has shown himself to be a good strategic thinker, so he probably has a good plan in mind.  In fact, I would not be totally surprised if he and Scott somehow came up with a contingency plan like this in case it was needed.

Scott's loyalties are not completely with Deucalion and the Alpha pack.  I was a little unsure after last week, but he clearly demonstrated that he has formed a temporary alliance with Deucalion in order to procure the release of his mom and Sheriff Stilinski.  From the way he protected Ms. Morell from the Alpha pack to leaving them in order to confer with Stiles and Dr. Deaton, he is clearly still his own person.  I suspect that a part of this is that Scott will have to choose to be a part of the Alpha pack; in other words, he cannot be forced into it.  There is probably more to it, but I do think that is part of it.

I am intrigued at the relationship that is forming between Alison and Isaac.  I am not sure if it will turn into something romantic, but it is interesting.  He is definitely growing more comfortable around her to the point that he hugged her in order to comfort her tonight.  If they do develop romantic feelings, I wonder how it will impact Scott's pack.  Will the fact that Scott is still in love with her cause problems of a wolfy nature given Scott's status or will he choose to step aside temporarily convinced that Alison will eventually dump Isaac and return to him?

Love how Lydia stopped Stiles' panic attack.  Kissing Stiles full on the mouth is guaranteed to make him lose his breath.  I was telling her to either slap him or kiss him in order to help him regain control, and I was highly amused when she kissed him.  I was particularly amused by the music that swelled in the background.  It reminded me of some of Xander and Cordelia's first kisses on Buffy.

Dr. Deaton's plan is most dangerous.  Basically, he is going to sacrifice Scott, Stiles, and Alison in the place of their respective parents in order to stop Ms. Blake from completing the ceremony.  After a few moments, he will (hopefully) revive them.  There are three issues.  First off, they may in fact not be able to be revived.  Secondly, the amount of power that will be released will draw other (nastier!) supernatural creatures to Beacon Hills.  Thirdly, it will link the three of them and "scar" their hearts.  I do not think it will affect Scott's status as a True Alpha, but you never know.  I was interested in the people chosen to kill each one.  None were unexpected, but they were interesting.  Isaac held Alison down, Lydia got Stiles, and Deaton got Scott.  Each of them has an emotional connection that will aid in the revival process.

Next week, the showdown between the various groups....